Gender Equality Game Jam – Girl Geek Academy @ PAX

Gender Equality Game Jam – Girl Geek Academy @ PAX

by Sarah
7 October 2019
Gender Equality Game Jam - PAX

We are so excited to be hosting a community space again this year at PAX Australia! This year we will be using our room in the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre to run some exclusive workshops as well as showcase the games created at Gender Equality Game Jam, talk about getting kids coding and of course our brand new books. 

You don’t need a PAX ticket to access our space, so everyone is welcome! We’ll be in room 214 – look for SheMakesGames on the official PAX map 

Our PAX workshops:


We will be running a drop-in #MissMakesCode format where women* & girls can come by & explore coding for beginners using Code Studio! #MissMakesCode is the first initiative in the world created to build confidence and self-efficacy in the areas of algorithmic thinking, programming and coding.

Originally designed for young girls aged 5-12 years old, we now use the program to introduce coding to people of all ages. Come by & see us anytime for a coding chat!

We are thankful for the ongoing support for this program from the Victorian Government through the Free from Violence grant.

* We warmly welcome anyone who identifies as a woman or non-binary.

APRIL STORM 3D presents: 3D printing for cosplay

Girl Geek Academy co-founder April will be running two workshops on cosplay & prop 3D modelling and printing for beginners workshop!

Saturday 10am-12pm: a hands-on 2hr workshop where you will learn how to print a cosplay prop of your own!

Sunday 12:30pm: a 1hr workshop where the props printed on Saturday will be showcased.

A laptop is required for this workshop, please bring your own as we have a limited amount to lend.

Register for April’s Saturday workshop here!

Dreams for PS4

We’re thrilled to have Dan from Media Molecule running workshops on Saturday and Sunday to show some of the intermediate-advanced possibilities within Dreams – which is not just a game, but also a game creation program.

Yep, you can make your own game – and Dan will be showing us how! Suitable for all ages, you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved with a little know-how and your imagination.

Saturday & Sunday @ 2pm

Girl Geeks Book Series for Sale

We have just launched the third and fourth books of our Girl Geeks series! The new books ‘Making Magic’ and ‘Perfect Holidays’ will be on sale, along with the first two books ‘The Hackathon’ and ‘Game On’.

Girl Geeks book series

Gender Equality Game Jam games to play!

Last month we hosted a Gender Equality Game Jam, where we brought together a wonderful mix of hackers, hipsters and hustlers who created some equally wonderful games.

We would like to invite you to come at play those games with us at PAX! You can play a range of games created at the Gender Equality Game Jam! In Baby’s First Gender you play as a Day Care Teacher who needs to give the children in your class toys that they like and that make them happy. Or try Your Interview is at 10: a game about gender stereotypes in generalised job interview scenarios, and the thoughts and anxieties that come alongside them. Do you arrive early? How early is too early? What are you going to wear? How do you answer the dreaded “What are your weaknesses?” question?

Here is a link to the games to try at home: 

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