Hello. Nice to meet you.

We’re building a better internet.

We are skilled digital professionals who want to increase the number of women with successful STEM careers. We work to see an increase of women in tech, women in games, women who make, women designers and women founders.

Our initiatives include coding and hackathons, 3D printing and wearables, game development, design, entrepreneurship and startups.

We also work with teachers, schools, corporates and startups to increase the number of women with professional technical and entrepreneurial skills.

We are women who wanted something like Girl Geek Academy to exist, so we built it. And we’d like you to join us.

Our impact so far…


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women and girls taught


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Girl Geek Academy co-founders

Co-Founder and Award-Winning Games Producer
Lisy Kane

Lisy’s gaming industry insights have seen her curate and produce sell-out events for the academy, including #SheMakesGames – Australia’s first all-women game-making day – which was such a hit it has been made an annual event.

Co-Founder and Chaos Engineer
Tammy Butow

Tammy Butow is an engineering leader and one of the five founding members of global movement Girl Geek Academy, with a mission to teach 1 million women technical skills by 2025. 

Co-Founder and Chief Hipster
Amanda Watts

A digital design specialist who uses the keyboard as her paintbrush, Amanda is the artist behind the vibrant Girl Geek Academy branding and sits as its Design program lead.

Co-Founder and Chief Maker
April Staines

A digital visionary, April designed and made her own 3D printers before they were even on the market and is currently bootstrapping her own digital fabrication business, April Storm Props.

Co-Founder and CEO
Sarah Moran

Sarah learned to code when she was just five years old and believes that you’re never too young – or old – to learn coding.


Head Of Operations
Hannah O’Brien

Hannah O’Brien is the tech-obsessed Head of Operations currently working as the organisational epicenter of Girl Geek Academy. Hannah first realised her tech talents in 2010 when she built her first website and social media network during her work as a beauty blogger. Hannah grew up as an avid video game consumer, playing adventure and puzzle games in her spare time, while curating an impressive career supporting entrepreneurs as a business strategist and operations manager.

Program Producer
Celeste Carnegie

Celeste is a Birrigubba Sout Sea Islander woman from Far North QLD. She is a Program Producer at Girl Geek Academy and all-round creative. Her love for technology started through her fascination with sci-fi. She would help her mother fix their home tech by hacking and fiddling.

Girl Geek Academy Ambassadors

Author of Girl Geeks series
Alex Miles

Since publishing her first play at age seventeen, Melbourne-based writer Alex (Lee) Miles has worked across theatre, television and advertising, and under the alluring penname H.I. Larry for eight children’s books in the Zac Power series.

She’s imparted wedding wisdom with Sixty Secrets for a Happy Brideand excited readers across the country with her latest children’s series, Starring Olive Black.

Dayle Stevens

In a sea of blue suits, technology executive Dayle Stevens, stands out from the crowd. She’s even met HM The Queen! Dayle is Chief Data Officer at AGL, where she solves problems using design thinking and creativity. She has presented at conferences across four continents, and to audiences ranging from senior executives to children as young as five. Dayle is also an ambassador at Girl Geek Academy, board chair at Robogals, a children’s book author, a patchwork quilter and an award winning cheese maker.

Dr Catherine Ball

Catherine is a world leader in ‘drones for good’ and she believes education is the foundation to a safe, productive and fun drone ecosystem. She leads the way with World of Drones Education, a premium destination for STEM resources for teachers, educators, corporates and parents. The Basic Education Package is FREE for teachers and includes lesson plans on-demand! Catherine is also co-creator of World of Drones Congress, and she holds a BSc Honours (Environmental Protection) and a PhD (Spatial Ecology, Descriptive and Predictive Statistics) from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the United Kingdom.

Here’s a question…


We invite Girl Geeks to learn and teach through our workshops, intensive weekends, online courses, hackathons, game jams, meetups and makerfests.
Our programs increase the number of women with technology skills. Girl Geek Academy is designed by Girl Geeks for women who want to learn more about technology and aspire to a Girl Geek future.

You all ready for this?

Boldly going where no girl geeks have gone before. There are things to learn, mistakes to make and fun to be had. Where we go, we go together. We support-forward: we are there for each other before we even know we need help.

We sometimes say no: We aren’t about being unhealthy, burnt out and undervalued. This means we say no to pizza at meetups, crazy long hours for hackathons and not being paid to teach. We celebrate our achievements because they are achievements – not just because they are the achievements of women.

Emojis welcome 😀

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