Sooo… what can we do about the tech industry? Is the internet broken forever? the tech industry lacks a certain something. enough women in tech.

Only 12% of tech engineers are women,
19% of game developers are women, 
and a tiny 3% of the world’s venture capital goes to women-led companies. Our mission is to teach one million women* technology skills by 2025. Our programs aim to support and increase the number of women in tech. We learn coding, game development, 3D printing, AI, machine learning, drones and new emerging technologies alongside our friends. 


Girl Geek Academy aims to bring one million women and girls into technology careers by 2030

Girl Geek Academy is a social enterprise dedicated to achieving gender equality in the technology industry. We aim to bring one million women and girls into technology careers by 2030 through a range of programs in industries such as games, startups, 3D printing, design, and aviation. Our community is built on the foundation of friendship, learning from one another and sharing career skills and tech tricks. We work to tackle structural issues facing women and girls in technology by influencing families, corporations, government, schools, and the tech community.

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The reason gender equity is going backwards in tech is not because of a lack of evaluation of equity programs, it is a lack of investment in the solutions that we already know work.

Girl Geek Academy surveyed over 300 women, men and NB folk in tech for our submission to Minister Husic’s “Diversity in STEM” review.

Girl Geeks say – Enough Talk. Time for action backed by investment.



If technology were a sport, there’d be 3 positions on the team.

No single role is more important than another – all 3 are crucial to tech success!

You may have a favourite role, but knowing all 3 skills makes you stronger. (Just enough to be dangerous!)

Not sure if you’re a hacker, hustler or a hipster, chances are you are more than one – with crossover skills like on our cool Venn diagram!

Queensland school holiday workshops for all ages!

Girl Geek Academy is kicking off Queensland workshops this school holidays at QUT for kids in primary schoolhigh school AND for women – mums, aunties, nanas too. We are running classes for women, girls and non-binary folk at QUT and we’d love to invite you to join us and spread the word.

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Girl geeks books

Get ya geek on with this girl gang as they design, make, game, hack, code & more!

Written for girls aged 7-10, the Girl Geeks series encourages young people into coding, gaming, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

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Join us for our online classes and  coding clubs. These are classes in coding for girls. You will make friends and learn new technology together. Form your own computer geek club, meet other girls who code! Online each week: same time, same place.

We lift as we climb, together.

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Let’s collaborate to achieve gender equality

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We LOVE working in technology and understand the perfect tension between art, creativity and tech. There’s a growing audience that’s hungry for content, looking to feel a part of something bigger than themselves- but the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths is notorious for being terrible at marketing themselves.

At Girl Geek Academy we have had great success building a mainstream media profile as “Girl Geeks” – attracting women and young girls into STEM fields. We are able to provide expert opinions on technical issues through op-eds, interviews and regular TV, radio, podcasts and newspapers AND develop and deliver REMOTE LEARNING programs and workshops.


Not sure how to tackle a challenge in front of your organisation? We also offer expert “Girl Geek” consultancy, and can help you plan your next move to meet your equality goals!

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“After seeking venture capital I was advised by Girl Geek Academy to go back to my community. Where I’d started. We have just raised $3 million, breaking the Australian record for a Crowd Equity Raise”

George McEncroe

Shebah Founder

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“What a wonderful day you planned for yesterday. The Little Misses were so engaged, happy and learning without fear and really enjoying the experience. It was a delight to be there and so inspiring to see.”

Karin Morrison

Keynote Speaker, Harvard