What would the internet look like if there were more women building it?

Girl Geek Academy is teaching one million women
to learn technology by 2025.

Tech has a pipeline problem. Let’s talk about the holes in the pipe.

By the age of 6, children classify jobs as male and female.

By the age of 8, they are limiting aspirations

By 13 many of them have already ruled out career options that don’t fit with gender stereotypes.

By ages 16-17 60% of girls aspire to stereotypically ‘female’ jobs.

Let’s work together to increase the number of women and girls in tech, games, making, robotics, 3D printing, aviation, drones and space.

From ages 5 and up

We can help you support young girls in primary schools, libraries and workplaces to inspire them at a crucial time in their lives. We build corporate education programs and teacher training for schools and libraries for young girls ages 5-8.

Upper primary school

By upper primary school, girls want to build with technology. We create programs that teach technical skills to young girls ages 9-12 to make the most of their curiosity and passion. We also created the “Girl Geeks” book series (published by Penguin Random House) to encourage this growth phase through popular culture.

Work experience at high school

We can all picture a scientist or a hairdresser at work. But what does a technologist at work look like? Our high school programs are all about work experience as a vehicle for building career aspirations. We work with corporates to build on-site work experience programs and in-school career planning programs to inspire young women in Grades 9 and 10 to choose technology electives in Grade 11 and 12.

Get yourself a girl gang at university

Women in male dominated fields often experience isolation at university and our university programs serve as a support structure to ensure women don’t leave the industry before they even start. We work with Australian universities and major corporates to build clubs and societies for women in STEM. We also specialise in delivering hackathons, game jams and work placements at companies in technology and games.

Early career support

For early career practitioners we focus on networking, career planning and mentoring to ensure we retain women in industry in a sustainable way. We also run career incubators for women in various industries.

Mid career development

For mid-career practitioners we support women to be bold and raise their profile, coach them on closing the gender pay gap and develop their ability to role model the next generation.

More women in senior executive leadership roles

For women in senior tech leadership and women founders we run pre-accelerator programs and Women in Technology programs in partnership with corporates.

Building women who build companies

For women in our SheHacks program who want to build their business and their futures stategically.

Girl Geeks characters

Meet the Girl Geeks!

Get to know Hamsa, Eve, Niki and Maggie in this new book series published by Penguin Random House.


Download our toolkit of actions for a list of things you can do towards gender equality and the many ways we can help.

Let’s work together to change the ratio.

Women and Girls
Come to our events, join our community and get involved!

Build your Women in Technology program and inspire the next generation

Bring Girl Geek Academy programs to your region

Come sit with us. We are appearing at these upcoming events:

  • Girl Geeks Book 3 & 4 Launch - 1 OCTOBER

    We are working hard to prepare a book party for you soon.

    Drop us an email hello@girlgeekacademy.com to be notified when we have locked in a time and date.

  • Girl Geek Academy's Games Career Incubator - 2 OCTOBER

    Join us for the Girl Geek Academy’s Games Career Incubator Celebration Breakfast!

    It’s been five months since we kicked off the Games Career Incubator – so it’s time to come together and celebrate their hard work and success!

    Come and join us at our celebration breakfast at Bobby McGee’s (186 Exhibition St) on Wednesday 2 October from 7:30am.

    This will be an opportunity for our participants to reflect on the achievements they have made this year, and for our industry VIPs to meet and network with our amazing group of early-career practitioners.

    Please RSVP by September 27. Register here.

    Wednesday 2 October 2019
    7:30 am – 9:30 am AEST

    186 Exhibition Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000

  • Melbourne International Games Week - 5-13 OCTOBER

    Join Australian and international influencers, businesses and industry for Melbourne International Games Week 2019 – Asia Pacific’s largest digital games celebration – featuring conferences, events and activities for the games industry, games enthusiasts, general public and educationalists.

    For more info, head to Games Week Melbourne.

  • PAX AUS 11 - 13 OCTOBER

    We are going to be at PAX AUS in Melbourne!

    More info and schedule to follow.

    11 – 13 October 2019

  • YOW! Night 2019 Melbourne - Angie Jones - 22 OCTOBER

    Your Tests Lack Vision: Adding Eyes to Your Automation Framework

    In this talk, you’ll learn how visual validation works, see a live integration into an existing test code base, and discuss the pros and cons of using various visual validation techniques.


    Tuesday 22 October 2019
    6:00 pm – 9:30 pm

    Jasper Hotel
    489 Elizabeth Street
    Melbourne, VIC 3000

  • Screen It 2019

We also work with the media to change hearts and minds.

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