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Boldly going where no girl geeks have gone before. There are things to learn, mistakes to make and fun to be had. Where we go, we go together. We support-forward: we are there for each other before we even know we need help. We sometimes say no: We aren’t about being unhealthy, burnt out and undervalued. This means we say no to pizza at meetups, crazy long hours for hackathons and not being paid to teach. Emojis welcome 😀 We celebrate our achievements because they are achievements – not just because they are the achievements of women.


Girl Geek Academy is a global movement to help women build apps and create startups.

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Tammy Butow

Tammy Butow

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Amanda Watts

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April Staines

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Lisy Kane

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Sarah Moran



Our mission is to increase the number of women with technology skills. The current internet was primarily built by men and we want to know what the internet would look like if there were more women building it. Only 12% of engineers are women and we believe we can help to change the ratio. We create educational experiences that bring female hackers, hustlers, hipsters and startup enthusiasts together to learn, teach, share, form teams and build the internet.

“We want to teach 1 million Girl Geeks how to build apps and create startups by 2025″.

We invite Girl Geeks to learn and teach through our workshops, intensive weekends, online courses, hacakthons and makerfests. Our programs are available to Girl Geeks across the world. Girl Geek Academy is designed by Girl Geeks for women who want to learn more about technology and aspire to a Girl Geek future. We have created a Girl Geek Fund to enable members to attend workshops, attend technical conferences, buy software, buy technology gadgets and buy new laptops and phones to help them create. We are a Profit-For-Purpose company.




Girl Geek Academy in the Media:

Since our launch we have had international press about our movement. For any media enquiries or interviews please contact


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