Wondering what all this Maker business is about? If you’re full of curiosity about 3D printing, wearables and all the things (!) #Shemakes introduces basic Making concepts in a friendly way.


shemakes event

#SheMakes is an initiative aiming to introduce more women to 3D printing, wearables, virtual reality, and making.

More advanced makers also have the opportunity to get down and dirty with design software and coding, soldering your wearables and messing around with  printers. We also encourage you to run your own #SheMakes!

Explore what it means to be a Girl Geek Maker! Like all of our events, #SheMakes is a great way to learn new skills, test new business ideas and meet new people to build things with.

Australia’s first all-women makerfest

On Saturday October 11, 2014 we launched the first #SheMakes event. We kicked off with a presentation on making and what it means for women, plus a keynote talk from one of the world’s leading speakers on 3D printing and modelling for Women; Ann Marie Shillito, Founder and CEO of Anarkik3D.

We held panel discussions and maker talks plus workshops including Girl Geek Makers 101, 3D Printing Hands On (and associated technology) and Wearable Hands On.



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