by Sarah
29 August 2016

#SheHacks 2016 Winner – Hackolades


Hackolades is a safe space to share and celebrate great work.

Users post snippets of cool code, images, videos or animations and then receive likes and comments from fellow hackers.

There are over 19 million developers worldwide and Stack Overflow has over 3 million unique visitors a month. 12% of Stack Overflow readers are women but only 5.8% of 2015 survey respondents are women.

Hackolades is created for coders who are looking for a supportive space to share their work.

“In 16 years of coding I’ve never had a place to go to share my ‘wow’ moments.” – Bron Thulke

Love the idea! I’m often asked for proof of work by recruiters and can’t find a place that puts code and visuals in one place. Hackolades is just that. Perfect!” – Shanila Ashraff[kleo_gap]

SheHacks team

Jacqui Papamatheou

Ruby Schwartz

Bron Thulke

Sarah Giapitzakis

Karina Thompson

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29 August 2016