Girl Geek Academy at Samoa

The first Samoan edition of  #MissMakesCode launched in January 2020!


GGA in Samoa
Girl Geek Academy in Samoa

The Samoan edition of #MissMakesCode was a great opportunity to not only teach young girls the basics of coding but to discuss the issues of cyber security and gender equality in the Pacific region.

The launch in Samoa saw nearly 50 women and girls learn how to code. The #MissMakesCode Samoan program was piloted free of charge in the Samoan capital Apia for girls and their mothers, grandmothers and aunties.

Learning to code is a life-changer, because the skill can open so many professional doors for women and girls, both now and into the future. What the participants of the workshop learnt could one day see them build new platforms, websites, new technologies, a new and better world for us all.

What is

#MissMakesCode is written and delivered by teachers, for teachers to teach introductory coding principles. On the completion of the teacher training course you will be equipped with the resources you need to deliver this curriculum the very next day.

We’ve taught over 10,000 girls and women key coding skills across Australia since 2014. In Janaury 2020, we extended our #MissMakesCode mission to Samoa, led by Tagiilima Neemia, who recently completed a Masters in Cyber Security.

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