Hey I’m CC! I am a Program Producer at Girl Geek Academy. I started with Girl Geek Academy in May 2019.

On Thursday 16th August, I got to present at Google in Sydney with my mates from Indigitek where I spoke about Empowering Tiddas In Technology.

When I look forward to my future I always step forward with the knowledge that there were people before me, the old people. It’s important to recognise and understand that within this STEM space and as Technologists in Australia and beyond. There is over 80,000 years of rich cultural history that flourished because of their ability to innovate & manage an entire continent based on their cultural scientific and technological knowledge.

It is the only reason I can continue the sophisticated systems in my community and share those with you.

So about me!

I am Birrigubba South Sea Islander women from Far North QLD. I come from a family of Matriarchs and strong women. They say it takes a village to raise a child and in my instance that is very much true. I come from a family of educators, some with the relevant qualifications and some without, nonetheless educators in their own right.

My family are creatives, they have always learned and taught through creativity and I am multifaceted because of this. I have many other loves and passions that drive a lot of what I do in this space.

So Empowering Tiddas in Technology. Tidda means sister. It is a universal term considering we have over 250 language groups within Australia. When I say tidda, I am talking about my First Nations sisters specifically. It is a term that I reserve for my girls, a term of endearment. I use it mostly as an adjective to explain how I feel about the women in my life because tidda in my community is a sister who is resilient.

During my keynote, I spoke about what I have experienced within the STEAM space and changing the narrative of engagement with First Nations women. It is important when engaging with First Nations communities that the work is meaningful and is intentional.

It was a deadly night, I had so much fun and I met new people. Shout out to Indigitek for creating a safe space for me and my Tiddas! #TiddasKnowTiddas

Indigitek is a network of Indigenous people with a passion for culture and technology. They hold regular events to promote opportunities in the tech industry. Their events encourage collaboration and networking amongst First Nations people in the tech space.