#SheMakes: the makerfest for Girl Geeks

Wondering what all this Maker business is about? If you’re full of curiosity about 3D printing, wearables and all the things (!) this event introduces basic Making concepts in a friendly way.

More advanced makers also have the opportunity to get down and dirty with design software and coding, soldering your wearables and messing around with the printers we have for the event.

Join us in exploring what it means to be a Girl Geek Maker! Like all of our events, #SheMakes is a great way to learn new skills, test new business ideas and meet new people to build things with.

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Australia's first all-female makerfest

On Saturday October 11, 2014 we launched the first #SheMakes event. We kicked off with a presentation on making and what it means for women, plus a keynote talk from one of the world’s leading speakers on 3D printing and modelling for Women; Ann Marie Shillito, Founder and CEO of Anarkik3D. We held panel discussions and maker talks plus workshops including Girl Geek Makers 101, 3D Printing Hands On (and associated technology) and Wearable Hands On.

Want to make awesome wearables? Got a 3D printer and don’t know how to use it? Want to scan yourself with a 3D scanner? Come and play with us as we explore the possibilities of making.

make awesome!

3D yourself!

They’re baaaaaack! The lovely team at The Robots Are Coming have kindly volunteered their time to scan some of our lucky attendees at #SheMakes.

Some of our lucky ladies will get their very own high-quality, full-colour, 3D body scan.  They will receive a link to the hosted 3D scan data, to then share on social media when they tell the world how great #SheMakes was!

The scanning process is highly engaging and fascinating to watch, as the 3D data is constructed in real time.  Check out some of the ones we literally prepared earlier at our last #SheMakes.

Virtual Drag

So much of the early work in virtual reality has been driven by naked girls presented for a male gaze. VIRTUAL DRAG is a virtual reality experience featuring 3d scans of drag queens & kings by Girl Geek Academy member Alison Bennett, Megan Beckwith & Mark Payne.

They have explored the potential of 3D scanning to create cyberspace encounters with the magnificent Philmah Bocks, the divine Art Simone, Jackie Hammer (a bit of a hot mess really … ), & the knee-weakening Transylvanian Gypsy Kings (aka TGK).

Alison Bennett is a neuroqueer new media artist who works in ‘expanded photography’. For ‘Virtual Drag’ Bennett collaborated with Megan Beckwith, winner of the inaugural Australia Post Art Prize, dance choreographer and 3D animator described by The Age as a ‘trailblazer’; and Mark Payne, an award winning designer and artist working with photogrammetry.


She Makes - make the things! ticket

How do digital fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and other technology such as programmable wearable platforms having a disruptive influence on the industry? How they could be amazing enablers for women wanting to enter this space? Come on a journey with us and discover some new things about the Maker world.

We will also have some samples on 3D printed jewellery including those printing in metals, you can then use your models to order through various 3rd parties that can print your designs in metals like gold and silver.

Learn about 3D design and making your printable stuff, engage with interactive displays and art, hear from guest speakers and play with the 3D printers we have on site.

This workshop will also allow participants to create their own 3D pieces and constructions. Participants will use a variety of media to create smart jewellery, mixed media artworks and architectural pieces. Participants do not need any kind of technical knowledge in advance of the workshop as the simplicity of the devices used mean there is no use of 3D modelling software.

This ticket is best for those who are wanting to learn more about the potential of 3D printing, technology and making – it will open up this world for you in a fun and inviting way.

Build or Fix my 3D Printer! ticket

This workshop is designed for those with a 3D printer kit or maybe an already assembled 3D printer they are having trouble using.  You can bring it in and we will help you put it together or try to debug your problems and get it working. There are no guarantees we can get everything to work (sometimes things are just broken) but if just some simple tweaking is required, which it often is, we can help get you up and running in this workshop. If you want to purchase a printer kit, we will recommend some of our favourites during this session.

Wearables workshop - make awesome! and advanced awesome! ticket

In this workshop you will learn to use wearable kits as they are a great way to learn about programmable wearable tech, and just how potentially disruptive some of these platforms are.  They are also just plain cool.

We will be using lilypad wearable electronic kits to teach you how to assemble and program wearable tech. You will learn to solder and use conductive thread wiring up lights on your own project.
If you’re in the advanced stream, you’ll then learn to program it all to do what you like. All hardware is included in ticket price and you get to keep it when your done. You will need to bring a laptop computer (Mac or PC) to participate in workshops that require programming.
The make awesome is similar to the advanced make awesome, but without the programming, so you don’t need a laptop for that session.

There will be basic soldering required and we will have a number of skilled mentors who can help. You will also need a basic computer (mac or pc) to be able to program your wearable.

past speakers


Founder and CEO of Anarkik3D


Engineer, Dreamer, Founder of Akanz


Founder of the Open Source 3D Printing Prop Group and 3D printing consultant


Hacker at Large

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