Girl Geek Academy offers for programs for women in technology through meetups,
weekend workshops, corporate training, Women in Technology workplace programs and community development initiatives.

Women in Technology (WIT) programs are key to retaining women in tech and supporting women through to senior leadership roles.

WIT programs help women to connect with mentors, champions and to make friends within your company, so they can share experiences, provide peer support and collaborate on projects.

Women at all stages of career development may be interested in getting involved – earlier-career women may gain value from discussing and validating their ideas, whilst more established women in leadership may seek to maintain networks or recruit talent from their WIT network.

Women in Technology programs also often host key events for building the wider technology community and facilitate important connections and collaborations between women and their companies. They also help to upskill women in technical skills through topics of discussion.

Do you run a Women in Technology (WIT) program at your company? we’d love to hear about it as we showcase what is best practice and can connect you with other WIT leaders.

Want to set up a Women in Technology program at your company? Get in touch; we’d love to hear from you!


Develop your women with our leading Women in Technology activities.

Working with your women to build your program

We work with the senior women in your company to create a bespoke program that builds on the work your team has already achieved, adding industry best-practice to build a world-class Women in Technology program aligned to the needs of your workplace and your women.

Women in Technology programs often identify a number of common challenges we aim to overcome:

  • The raw number of women in technology is still relatively low, with all levels requiring improvement in both recruitment and retention
  • Declining % of girls entering into Technology related degrees reduces the pipeline of women – what role can your Women in Technology play in redressing this issue?
  • Career opportunities in technology are not well understood both by women in industry and women considering technology careers
  • General perception issues around whether technology is a career path welcoming women, due to the overrepresentation of men currently in the sector

Gender diversity programs must be leader led. Cultural change programs can only be successful if led by leaders. The success of Women in Technology programs globally is due to the support of the technology leadership teams and the unwavering efforts of your company’s senior women leaders in role modelling and encouraging participation and change. This is a unique opportunity for your company to show industry leadership.

The Women in Technology training program will equip senior women leaders in your company with the skills to develop a program that will see:

  • Increased diversity at all levels in Technology
  • Retention of talented women in the workforce (reduction of ‘opting out’)
  • Improved pipeline of women graduates / girls opting to study technology related disciplines
  • your company become an employer of choice for women

 As a major employer in the technology industry, this partnership is helping us deliver on our commitment to supporting gender diversity and the push to see more women in technology. I knew Girl Geek Academy were already changing outcomes for women in tech and having great success – and this was an opportunity to broaden the program’s reach and positively impact our  employees too. You can’t just have a morning tea on international women’s day and expect results … It’s not about fixing our women, it’s about every single person working in technology thinking differently about everything from how we recruit to how roles are defined.  Sarah and the Girl Geek Academy pitched the idea as an opportunity to come together, use our knowledge and our networks to tackle the issues facing women in technology together.

– Dayle Stevens, Divisional CIO, National Australia Bank (2017)


Our technical workshops are facilitated by Girl Geek Academy trainers and are tailored to your workplace needs. All of our workshops are available as excursions too!


For women who want to learn coding

We run 1 hour virtual workshops for women who want to learn how to start on their coding journey. We do this in a way that encourages peer support and ongoing learning after the workshop, so your community can learn together.


Host an all-women hackathon

Accelerate your Women in Technology program by hosting a #SheHacks at your organisation. #SheHacks is the world’s longest running all-women hackathon program and you will learn from our experienced team how to bring this event to life in your workplace.


For young girls in your company

One of the most enjoyable ways to connect your WIT community is to host a session that teaches young girls all about technology. Girl Geek Academy can support you to teach young girls fundamental coding concepts to be able to customise their own technology.


It all begins with the first step. Get started with forming your very own startup team, gain hands-on experience and be a leader.

Whether you’re an industry veteran or just tinker in your spare time, we’d love to have you join us.

Girl Geek Academy’s flagship program, #SheHacks, is the longest-running hackathon series for women and non-binary folk in the world, supporting teams to partner on, develop and build their own technology over the course of a fun-filled weekend.

Our teams are composed of three core roles:

  • Hacker – the technical legends who get that coding done
  • Hipster – designers/artists who help make your startup look & feel good
  • Hustler – the all-important producer role to keep everyone on track and bring the project together

We then create teams based on our matching process to ensure you all get the best opportunities to match with potential collaborators.


We have worked with a large number of corporates, cultural and educational institutions on intimate programs focused on capability uplift of women in tech from graduate programs through to senior leadership.

Our flagship program in this space is Girl Geek in Residence, where our team work closely with technology teams to increase the professional development of women in technology by running Girl Geek Academy programs in-house.

We know every company is different, so we’d love to hear more bout your professional development needs. Get in touch!