How did the concept for Geek Girls Academy come about, and what is the mission for the organisation?

The powerhouse of a lady that is Tammy Butow (now Site Reliability Engineering Manager at Dropbox) had met all of us at various events she’d created in Melbourne. Tammy has a passion for education and also for technology and she recognised in all of us that we shared a similar desire to get more women building apps and creating startups.

You have had some great international press for Geek Girls Academy, what is it do you think, that has grabbed the attention of such mainstream news publications?

We have an incredibly talented cofounder, Amanda Watts, who is an amazing designer and she created our brand. When you have a good idea and can make it look great that definitely helps accelerate the attention!

Like with any strong business, if you build your company from an actual market need the chances of success are much higher. We are five women who wanted something like Girl Geek Academy to exist: and then we built it. We are the customer as much as the creator. This isn’t about someone trying to “help the women” – it’s us saying “yo! This is what we need and if other women need it to then we better do something about that!”

We aren’t tied to anyone else’s agenda – we’re non-government, non-corporate, getting shit done sort of people. That’s really rare these days so it is attractive and people naturally think “that’s something I want to be a part of”.

Also: we had cool photos 🙂 (thanks Scott Cooper!

What are your backgrounds and how do your powers combine to create one great woman-empowering movement? 

We are firm believers that the 3 elements of a great founding team are the hacker, the hipster and the hustler. The hacker is the person with the technology skills to build things, the hipster makes it look great and the hustler gets everyone on board.