Simone Jade Kelly

Digital Product Designer – UX / DM / Data at

A digital unicorn with the perfect blend of creativity, technical know-how, and marketing fundamentals. A passionate advocate of user-centred design I utilise my skills across UX, DM and Analytics to research, design and build useful and engaging digital products.

After graduating with a Masters in Marketing in 2011, I quickly moved into the digital landscape working for a Digital Media Arts company in Sydney. It was there that my true passion for interactive design was sparked!

In 2016 I graduated from RED Academy in Vancouver with a Diploma in User Experience Design. I chose to study in a major tech hub to broaden my digital knowledge base while being exposed to companies like Hootsuite, Unbounce and Slack.

In my spare time (like any true digital enthusiast) I volunteer with The Lunaticks Society of Newcastle. An organisation dedicated to celebrating innovation, exploration and education within the digital sector.

Want to know more? Feel free to check out my portfolio or contact me anytime on 0413-306-932.

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