She Makes  – Girl Geeks Making Cool things

11th of October 2014 @ Inspire 9

SheMakes ran on Saturday 11th of October and kicked off with a presentation on making and what it means for women. We then held a keynote talk from one of the world’s leading speakers on 3D printing and modelling for Women; Ann Marie Shillito, Founder and CEO of Anarkik3D.

There were panel discussions with industry experts and presentations from some amazing speakers involved in 3D printing, wearable startups and general hacking and making throughout the day.

The event was fully catered for, and this was included in the She Makes pass price!

Schedule Outline

The day was then broken into 3 subject areas with workshops and sessions running concurrently on Girl Geek Makers 101, 3D Printing Hands On workshop (and associated technology) and Wearable Hands On workshops. We used kits for the wearable workshops, but all other consumables such as the 3D printing workshops were covered in the ticket price.

Ann Marie Shillito – Founder and CEO of Anarkik3D

Contemporary designer jeweller designer & maker, founder & CEO of Anarkik3D Ltd, software developers of award winning haptic 3D modelling software, Anarkik 3D Design. Author of ‘Digital Crafts: Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists & Designer Makers’ and a Fellow of the RSA.

Aakanksha Chhikara – Engineer, Dreamer, Founder of Akanz

Aakanksha’s goal with Akanz (a wearable technology startup in Melbourne) is to create wearables that help people live great lives. Aakanksha’s expertise is in product development and marketing of wearable technology products for consumer and medical sectors having previously developed wearable sensors for back pain patients and making robots. She gained this expertise over the last 7 years through her PhD research at Imperial College London, management and marketing experience at dorsaVi and leading her startup, Akanz. She is a co-inventor on 3 patents filed by dorsaVi Pty Ltd. Encouraging more women to pursue entrepreneurship is one of her goals for 2014.

Andy Gelme – Hacker at Large

Andy has been hacking since a teenager and his career includes the spectrum of computing from embedded controllers to supercomputers. Since 2000, Andy has been working in the areas of building automation and the Internet of Things. Established the Melbourne HackerSpace in 2009, as part of a growing and passionate technical community that accomplishes game-changing hacks, welcoming all who are interested, regardless of experience. In 2012, he was part of the founding team at LIFX.

April Staines – Founder of the Open Source 3D Printing Prop Group, and 3D printing consultant


Wondering what all this Maker business is about? If you’re full of curiosity about 3D printing, wearables and all the things (!) #SheMakes introduces basic Making concepts in a friendly way.

This event is also suitable for those who want to be a part of #SheMakes but are not wanting to get down and dirty with design software or coding, soldering your wearables or messing around with the printers we have for the event.

Join us in exploring what it means to be a Girl Geek Maker! How do digital fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and other technology such as programmable wearable platforms having a disruptive influence on the industry? How they could be amazing enablers for women wanting to enter this space? Come on a journey with us and discover some new things about the Maker world.

#SheMakes Hand On: 3D Printing

Learn how to 3D design and then physically print your designs on the 3D printers we have on site.  We will also have some samples on 3D printed jewellery including those printing in metals, you can then use your models to order through various 3rd parties that can print your designs in metals like gold and silver

* You will need to bring a laptop (either mac or pc is fine) for these workshops

#SheMakes Hands On: Wearables

This will require you to have purchased the wearable kit as well as a She Makes Pass.  These kits are amazing and are a great way to learn about programmable wearable tech, and just how potentially disruptive some of these platforms are.  They are also just plain cool.  We only have a limited number of seats.

There will be basic soldering required and we will have a number of skilled mentors who can help. You will also need a basic computer (mac or pc) to be able to program your wearable.