School Holiday Program

Easter holidays (April 2018)

Girl Geek Academy are opening their doors over the school holidays! For those girl geeks who are excited about indulging in their passion for tech and exploring the different paths that STEM skills can offer them.  As always there will be plenty of the famous Girl Geek Academy fun and excitement to keep the kids engaged and having a blast while learning.

There will be three different programs – a one day #MissMakesCode program, a two-day #MissMakesCode program and a BRAND NEW program for 9-13 year olds focusing on cyber security!

#MissMakesCode One Day Program - 5 to 8 year olds (6 April at NAB, 700 Bourke Street)

A fabulous experience full of fun, developing friendships and learning to code! Our full day program is available these school holidays. #MissMakesCode is the first initiative in the world created to build confidence and self efficacy in the areas of algorithmic thinking, programming and coding for young girls aged 5-8 years.

What will my child learn?

Your child will learn key coding concepts through online and offline activities and build upon any existing skills they may have learned in school. Taught by professional teachers, this unique all-girls workshop is a terrific way to introduce your child to coding and game making and build their technology confidence. Hosted at the NAB in The Arena – we have a full day program available to book.

#MissMakesCode Two Day Program - 5 to 8 year olds (12-13 April at Camberwell Girls Grammar)

Girls aged 5-8 years old are invited to join Girl Geek Academy and learn to build the internet. These workshops incorporate a series of offline activities, including listening to STEM stories and learning and sharing insights about safety on the internet. Hosted in a creative and vibrant space at Camberwell Girls Grammar School, we have a full two day program on offer.

What will my child learn over two days?

They will apply the basic coding concepts to be able to customise their own games. The girls become developers and game testers, as they play and share their games. They work together to solve puzzles to build and debug their games whilst forming friendships and having fun.

BRAND NEW: Cyber security pop-up workshop in partnership with NAB Cyber Security

9 to 13 year olds (10 April at The Arcade, South Melbourne)

Girl Geek Academy is joining forces with NAB to host a one day CyberKids workshop these school holidays.

Perfect for girls aged 9-13, this workshop brings together various STEM activities including coding, robotics, programming and code breaking for a fun & exciting day that opens their eyes to their role in online safety as well as the potential career of cybersecurity – one of the most in-demand professions in Australia.

Best of all – thanks to the legends at NAB, this event is free!

Tuesday April 10 at The Arcade, South Melbourne from 9am to 4pm (Drop off from 8am, pickup until 5.30pm)

What will my child be doing?

Your child will be participating in online and offline coding and code breaking activities and learning all about what it means to be a cyber security expert.

Admit it… you wish you could do it too 🙂

Cyber security? That sounds a bit… well, boring!

We promise, it’s a lot of fun! It’s like a puzzle that has a number of different ways to get to the solution, so there’s a lot of play and logic involved. And by using great tools like robots & game creation, they won’t even know they are learning.

Plus, when we say it’s an in-demand profession we’re not joking – there is a significant lack of trained cyber security professionals, and it’s only going to get worse. By introducing these concepts when they are young & ensuring their experience is fun & positive we have a chance to increase their desire to learn more and set themselves up for a rewarding career for life.

Wait… are you teaching them how to hack into websites?

Absolutely not! It’s nothing like the movies, we promise.  Their sleuthing skills will be put to the test in safe & structured situations that are more about problem solving and critical thinking. We’re fixing problems, not creating them!

My child doesn’t know much (or knows a lot) about coding – is this right for them?

Our program is set up in a way that every child will be able to stretch their skills as far as they like – whether that’s learning the basics, or jumping in the deep end.  We want them to feel challenged and supported, not overwhelmed.

On Tuesday April 10th, join us at The Arcade for this unique all girls one day event. The girls will spend the day immersed in hands-on practical Cyber Security activities like robotics, programming, code breaking and online safety.

Parents told us they wanted more regular opportunities for their girls to develop coding skills and feel empowered when using technology.

Kids told us they wanted more time to hang out with friends, have heaps of fun and make cool stuff on their iPads or laptops.

#MissMakesCode School Holiday Programs combine learning coding & STEM skills with fun & friendship. Delivered by qualified teachers and inspiring role models over the holiday break.

Every girl has the freedom to learn at their own pace – so we welcome everyone from coding newbies to advanced programmers. We’re all there to share our love of tech and to learn new things together!

Meet our partners – NAB

For our school holiday program we are working with both NAB’s Women in Technology program and the Cyber Security team.

The aim of NAB’s Women in Technology program is to create sustainable change for women in technology. Since the Women in Technology program was launched in 2014, the percentage of women in senior roles at NAB has increased from 18 to 24 per cent.

Tracey Edwards, Head of Technology, Security Engagement at NAB said: “It’s so important to make young people aware of the fun of technology at an early age. We are facing a talent shortage in this high-growth area that sees no sign of stopping any time soon. By investing in education programs we can engage young people in STEM so that when electives come round they are choosing to study these areas. We aim to increase the number of people aware of cybersecurity as a profession, to increase the number of STEM and cybersecurity grads, and ultimately increase the numbers in the workforce.”

Meet our partners – The Arcade

This place hosts some of the coolest geeks around! The Arcade is Australia’s first not-for-profit, collaborative workspace created specifically for game developers and creative companies using game methodologies and technologies.

It’s the perfect space for our next generation of Girl Geeks to indulge in their love of tech and embrace their passions.

The Arcade Logo

Meet your Lead Teacher – Helen Sultana

Helen Sultana is a digital technologies educator at primary and secondary school level who recently made the transistion into startup territory as #MissMakesCode lead at Australia’s peak social organisation for women in tech – Girl Geek Academy.

Helen helped pioneer the #MissMakesCode initiative and currently leads the teacher
training bootcamps to upskill teachers in their tech savvy and provide them with the tools to deliver the #MissMakesCode workshop back at their own schools. With more than a decade’s classroom teaching experience she also specialises in curriculum development, change management, and mentoring.

With a passion for cybersafety, Helen has educated educators on the complex world of online safety. She trained teachers on cyber and digital technologies in education – working within a not for profit organisation – and enlightened educators about eSafety and Wellbeing initiatives.

In 2017, Helen joined Girl Geek Academy CEO & co-founder, Sarah Moran, on the Channel Ten and FOXTEL LifeStyle channel television series, Common Sense, showing the nation that smart girls can have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

#MissMakesCode Holiday Program is a one-week immersion divided into age groups so the content can be tailored and the teachers can have appropriate experience with the age levels in attendance. The kids will be working in groups and building on what they learned and created the day before.  Therefore in order to secure appropriate staff and in respect to the other kids in their groups we need attendees to commit to the full week.

Every session is lead by a qualified teacher and supported by experts in their chosen field – whether that’s coding, robotics, entrepreneurship, or anything else we think the girls will love!

Most of the time the kids will simply need an iPad or other tablet, but some projects will require a laptop computer. You will have lots of notice beforehand, and if you have any problems just let us know and we may be able to loan your child a device for the day. There’s no apps or specific software that they need to download – we take care of everything on the day!

Unfortunately, no. We organise the events in advance including appropriate staff levels and workshop materials, and therefore cannot accomodate refunds.

Can't make it to our school holiday sessions?

Don’t worry! We are launching a new monthly program during the school term – click the button to find out more & register your interest!

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