If you work in government or community development, we will work with you to identify which programs will help meet your communities needs.

We also offer corporate engagement programs both in the workplace and in the community – our #MissMakesCode school holiday program has been popular in workplaces for both young people and women in industry.

Girl Geek Academy Program for Communities

For women and girls

This is a fabulous opportunity for parents/guardians to experience coding alongside their girls.

In this session women (the adults) will be able to share their experiences by being involved in an exciting ‘Tech Talk’ with a Girl Geek, whilst the girls are busy learning to code with our Girl Geek teacher. The groups will then join to make a game using code together.

At Girl Geek Academy we are all life long learners and are excited to welcome all Girl Geeks. Women and girls will work together to learn key coding concepts through online and offline activities.

We will also provide you with the access and advice about the resources you need to continue coding at home.

Led by a professional teacher, this unique all-girls workshop is a terrific way to introduce your child to coding and game making and build their technology confidence.

Want to set up a Girl Geek Academy workshop in your community? Get in touch; we’d love to hear from you!

#MissMakesCode in your workplace

  • Support your parents with a one-day school holiday workshop at your workplace.
  • Help teach the future generation.
  • Professional Development opportunities for your team.
  • We provide a qualified teacher.
  • Learning materials, games, fruit and water provided.
  • Students to bring iPad/laptop and lunch.
  • Children requiring additional care before or after the workshop can be accommodated by our team.

A fabulous experience developing friendships and learning to code! Our full day program is available these school holidays.

#CyberSecurity in action!

By providing real world cybersecurity problems, we collaborate with your organisation to immerse the kids in hands-on practical Cyber Security activities like robotics, programming, code breaking and online safety.

This workshop brings together various STEM activities for a fun & exciting day that opens their eyes to their role in online safety as well as the potential career of cybersecurity – one of the most in-demand professions in Australia.

This workshop is a great opportunity to share cyber security needs at your organisation as a way to role model and champion the value young girls can bring to the industry.

Work Experience opportunities

For high school girls in Year 9 and Year 10

We are changing the way work experience works. Rather than one person at a time, we will bring a cohort of students to you for their work experience and run programs with these young women in your workplace.

Your staff will be a mix of guest speakers, workshop facilitators and mini-mentors throughout the week. Girl Geek Academy will work with you to create a meaningful program for the young girls, while maximising the input from your company and appreciating their investment of time.


Drop us a line; we’d love to hear from you.


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