Girl Geek Academy offers for young girls geeks through
weekend and holiday workshops, in-school programs and
community development programs.


If you work in government or community development, we will work with you to identify which programs will help meet your communities needs.

We also offer corporate engagement programs both in the workplace and in the community – our #MissMakesCode school holiday program has been popular in workplaces for both young people and women in industry.


Girl Geek Academy offer a range of programs including in-school workshops, teacher training, and accessible workshops outside of school hours.

By implementing innovative practices, we strive to ignite students’ passion for technology and get more girls interested in STEM. Can’t make our workshops? No worries! Get in touch and we can organise a program for your community..


Ignite a passion for technology in your child through our accessible workshops outside of school hours.


Implement innovative practices with the latest technologies and get your students and teachers involved in tech.


Promote and support a tech environment and get girls interested in STEM.



For girls ages 5-8


For girls ages 9-13


For high school girls ages 13-17

Girl Geek Academy Program for Communities

For women and girls

This is a fabulous opportunity for parents/guardians to experience coding alongside their girls.

In this session women (the adults) will be able to share their experiences by being involved in an exciting ‘Tech Talk’ with a Girl Geek, whilst the girls are busy learning to code with our Girl Geek teacher. The groups will then join to make a game using code together.

At Girl Geek Academy we are all life long learners and are excited to welcome all Girl Geeks. Women and girls will work together to learn key coding concepts through online and offline activities.

We will also provide you with the access and advice about the resources you need to continue coding at home.

Led by a professional teacher, this unique all-girls workshop is a terrific way to introduce your child to coding and game making and build their technology confidence.

Want to set up a Girl Geek Academy workshop in your community? Get in touch; we’d love to hear from you!



Incursions-Immerse your students in arange of experiences using technology.


Professional Development in Girl Geek Academy programs and teacher “work experience” in major technology companies.


Get a Girl Geek to run our workshops at your school. We can also tailor a special program to suit your needs and budget.


Our school incursion workshops are facilitated by Girl Geek Academy teachers and are tailored to your school’s needs. All of our school holiday workshops are available as incursions too! The best part – we come to you!


For girls ages 5-8

Girls aged 5-8 years old will learn to build the internet. The sessions incorporate a series of offline activities, including listening to STEM stories and learning and sharing insights about safety on the internet. They will apply the basic coding concepts to be able to customise their own games in a day. The girls become developers and game testers, as they play and share their games.


For girls ages 9-13

This workshop brings together various STEM activities including coding, robotics, programming and code breaking for a fun & exciting day that opens their eyes to their role in online safety as well as the potential career of cybersecurity – one of the most in-demand professions in Australia.


For high school girls ages 13-17

The #GirlGeekGames Workshop is for secondary school girls who want to learn more about game jams, the game making process and the wide range of career options directly from amazing women who are working in the gaming industry right now.

Work Experience opportunities

For high school girls in Year 9 and Year 10

We are changing the way work experience works. Rather than one person at a time, we will bring a cohort of students to you for their work experience and run programs with these young women in your workplace.

Your staff will be a mix of guest speakers, workshop facilitators and mini-mentors throughout the week. Girl Geek Academy will work with you to create a meaningful program for the young girls, while maximising the input from your company and appreciating their investment of time.


Train your teachers in Girl Geek Academy programs.

#MissMakesCode Teacher Program

#MissMakesCode is the first initiative in the world created to build confidence and self efficacy in the areas of algorithmic thinking, programming and coding for young girls aged 5-8 years. The teacher curriculum comprises of a series of lesson plans and resources and is the only professional development solution for teachers/librarians that ensures the priorities of the Digital Technologies Australian Curriculum F-Year 2 (as adopted by each state) are comprehensively and explicitly delivered to primary teachers as an all in one engaging teaching and learning and assessment solution, across the nation. All resources and assessment have been developed by teachers who are specialised in the subject matter and who teach at these age groups daily in a range of systems, schools and settings.

#MissMakesCode Teacher Training Course 1 consists of 9 modules that focus on computational thinking, programming structures, coding techniques and the software development.

Aligned to the Digital Technologies curriculum you will learn how to make your own game using code, just as your students would, followed by practical examples and resources to roll the program out in your school. The program consists of teaching activities for visible thinking, problem solving and GUI design so that your students are able to work in a variety of computational ways to solve problems, create apps and games via coding.

The #MissMakesCode program will equip schools and its F-Year 2 classroom teachers and librarians with the skills to deliver the theory and coding skills related to:

  • understanding algorithms
  • the coding structures of sequence, selection and iteration (loops)
  • techniques for testing and debugging
  • the coding events to activate and monitor actions

We had an absolutely wonderful day learning coding with Helen from Girl Geek Academy for our Miss Makes Code training day! The opportunity to get some hands on experience with coding was incredibly valuable, as was Helen’s way of explaining code to us – she made everything feel accessible and we left feeling much more confident in teaching coding concepts. Having all the handouts and printables ready, as well as access to online courses will make running workshops much more manageable. We are so excited and now feel more prepared to bring more coding out to the community! Thanks so much for everything, we really appreciated it, we’ll definitely stay in touch and let you know how our coding programs go in the future!

– Chelsea and Fede, Eastern Regional Libraries


Face to Face Teacher Training

This event shares the core principles and skills to successfully run the #MissMakesCode program in schools. Learn how to make your own game using code, just as your students would, followed by practical examples and resources to roll the program out in your school. You will also get full access to the online program.

Delivery is tailored to your organisation’s needs. It usually comprises of full day and half day workshops.

Teacher Work Experience

This blended teacher training program enables your teachers to get trained on-site at some of Australia’s largest technology companies. We bring your teachers to speak directly to some of Australia’s leading technology workplaces to understand the connections between the curriculum and what’s happening in industry today.

Online Training

We believe that every teacher in Australia should have access to this training – so we have developed an online program that takes you through everything you need to bring #MissMakesCode into your classroom.

The online portal allows this training to be accessed by teachers across Australia.

Experience Days Delivered in Schools

Our experience day workshops for teachers include a 20-40 minute intro on the tech delivered by Girl Geek Academy, Q&A, and hands on information sessions delivered by tech experts.

Topics for professional development experience days workshops include but are not limited to Lego Robotics, 360 camera, Arduino/raspberry pi (includes wearable tech), and Virtual Reality.


We have worked with a number of Australian corporates on intimate programs focused on capability uplift of women in tech from graduate programs through to senior leadership.

Our flagship program in this space is Girl Geek in Residence, where our team work closely with technology teams to increase the professional development of women in technology by running Girl Geek Academy programs in-house.

We know every company is different, so we’d love to hear more bout your professional development needs. Get in touch!


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