Girl Geek Academy offers for programs for women in technology through meetups,
weekend workshops, corporate training, Women in Technology workplace programs and community development initiatives.


Girl Geek Academy offers a range of programs including in-school workshops, teacher training, and accessible workshops outside of school hours.

By implementing innovative practices, we strive to ignite students’ passion for technology and get more girls interested in STEM. Can’t make our workshops? No worries! Get in touch and we can organise a program for your community.


Programs proven to upskill, connect and support women to success in the technology industry. Meetups, mentoring, annual events and more.


Women in Technology programs for corporates to implement innovative practices with the latest technologies and support your women to grow and lead.


Promote and build a healthy local tech community and support women through their STEM and startup career journey.



We will work with you work to deliver program infrastructure to support women in tech and startups – the social, community-based activities through which women can grow. Together we will offer support, experience and cohort-benefits to women in technology.

Develop women in your local technology ecosystem

We work to establish key connections, networks, collaborations, people and talent in your community. This includes supporting networking and informal meet-ups, identifying mentors and mentoring programs, running Hackathons to trial ideas and meet other founders.

We can also run masterclass sessions on a variety of topics for startups, intensive training bootcamps & workshops as well as pitchfest activities with your local business community.

Want to set up support in your community? Get in touch; we’d love to hear from you!

Bootcamps and Workshops

Bootcamps and workshops are intensive education sessions that test and challenge participants with a view to improvement in individual skills and career trajectories.

Women are able to gain rapid advice and feedback on their ideas, and access industry specialists. Bootcamps and workshops may be aimed at women at any career stage. Some will be helpful for those requiring basics – introducing participants to core concepts for launching their career.

Others may focus on women who have established careers and improve leadership and technical skills in targeted areas. Therefore, bootcamps and workshops form a useful part of a woman’s broader education.

Our bootcamps and workshops are usually run by established women in industry and key participants in the ecosystem, hence they are also useful forum to network and work collaboratively with other women.

Want to set up a bootcamp or workshop in your community? Get in touch; we’d love to hear from you!

Establish a mentoring program

Women usually require mentoring and advice at each stage of their career development. Depending upon the woman’s unique experiences, they will require support in different areas and at different times. Due to the diverse forms that mentoring takes, the process is continuous and is tailored depending upon each woman’s stage and needs.

We establish mentoring programs that are tailored to be helpful to women in your community. Our mentors:

  • have developed interpersonal skills, are adaptable and understanding.
  • offer varying specialisations across a range of industries
  • come from a diverse range of backgrounds, allowing pooled experiences and a wide range of opinions.
  • do not try to be decision makers for mentees, but instead challenge, question and provide guidance.

All mentors are supported by Girl Geek Academy and receive ongoing support and training to make sure they constantly provide valuable experiences for mentees.

Want to set up a mentoring program? Get in touch; we’d love to hear from you!

Start a local meetup

Meetups are helpful for women looking to connect with others in the ecosystem, so they can share experiences, provide peer support and perhaps collaborate on projects.

Women at all stages of career development may be interested in attending – earlier-career women may gain value from discussing and validating their ideas, whilst more established women in leadership may seek to maintain networks or recruit from their local ecosystem.

Meetups are key events for building the wider technology community and facilitate important connections and collaborations between women and their companies. They also help to upskill women in technical skills through topics of discussion.

Want to set up a meetup in your community? Get in touch; we’d love to hear from you!

Run a Hackathon

Hackathons encourage collaboration and quick testing of ideas. A hackathon is a workshop-style event usually over a couple of days, designed to form innovative solutions to a set challenge.

Girl Geek Academy frequently delivers their own hackathon program, #SheHacks: an all-women hackathon format designed to enable quick problem solving and to encourage collaboration between individuals of different backgrounds.

Running from Friday to Sunday, teams of 3-4 begin the ideation process, before iterating a product or solution on the Saturday and pitching on the Sunday. The program is fully supported by specialist mentors and recognises the diversity of skillsets of participants – creative, business, and technical.



Women in Technology program experience modelled on the best.


Immerse your company in arange of experiences using technology.


Build your own leading Women in Technology program with our support.


Develop your women with our leading Women in Technology activities.

Working with your women to build your program

We work with the senior women in your company to create a bespoke program that builds on the work your team has already achieved, adding industry best-practice to build a world-class Women in Technology program aligned to the needs of your workplace and your women.

Women in Technology programs often identify a number of common challenges we aim to overcome:

  • The raw number of women in technology is still relatively low, with all levels requiring improvement in both recruitment and retention
  • Declining % of girls entering into Technology related degrees reduces the pipeline of women – what role can your Women in Technology play in redressing this issue?
  • Career opportunities in technology are not well understood both by women in industry and women considering technology careers
  • General perception issues around whether technology is a career path welcoming women, due to the overrepresentation of men currently in the sector

Gender diversity programs must be leader led. Cultural change programs can only be successful if led by leaders. The success of Women in Technology programs globally is due to the support of the technology leadership teams and the unwavering efforts of your company’s senior women leaders in role modelling and encouraging participation and change. This is a unique opportunity for your company to show industry leadership.

The Women in Technology training program will equip senior women leaders in your company with the skills to develop a program that will see:

  • Increased diversity at all levels in Technology
  • Retention of talented women in the workforce (reduction of ‘opting out’)
  • Improved pipeline of women graduates / girls opting to study technology related disciplines
  • your company become an employer of choice for women

 As a major employer in the technology industry, this partnership is helping us deliver on our commitment to supporting gender diversity and the push to see more women in technology. I knew Girl Geek Academy were already changing outcomes for women in tech and having great success – and this was an opportunity to broaden the program’s reach and positively impact our  employees too. You can’t just have a morning tea on international women’s day and expect results … It’s not about fixing our women, it’s about every single person working in technology thinking differently about everything from how we recruit to how roles are defined.  Sarah and the Girl Geek Academy pitched the idea as an opportunity to come together, use our knowledge and our networks to tackle the issues facing women in technology together.

– Dayle Stevens, Divisional CIO, National Australia Bank (2017)



Personal and professional development opportunities.


Creating experiences that expand horizons.


Nurturing the networking and support for women.


Opportunity for women to tackle the gender diversity imbalance in our industry.


Our technical workshops are facilitated by Girl Geek Academy trainers and are tailored to your workplace needs. All of our workshops are available as excursions too!


For girls ages 5-8

Girls aged 5-8 years old will learn to build the internet. The sessions incorporate a series of offline activities, including listening to STEM stories and learning and sharing insights about safety on the internet. They will apply the basic coding concepts to be able to customise their own games in a day. The girls become developers and game testers, as they play and share their games.

#SheHacks Hackathon

For girls ages 9-13

This workshop brings together various STEM activities including coding, robotics, programming and code breaking for a fun & exciting day that opens their eyes to their role in online safety as well as the potential career of cybersecurity – one of the most in-demand professions in Australia.

Job Swap

For high school girls ages 13-17

The #SheMakesGames Workshop is for secondary school girls who want to learn more about game jams, the game making process and the wide range of career options directly from amazing women who are working in the gaming industry right now.


We have worked with a number of Australian corporates on intimate programs focused on capability uplift of women in tech from graduate programs through to senior leadership.

Our flagship program in this space is Girl Geek in Residence, where our team work closely with technology teams to increase the professional development of women in technology by running Girl Geek Academy programs in-house.

We know every company is different, so we’d love to hear more bout your professional development needs. Get in touch!


Women in Tech and Startups

#SheHacks – Bootcamps, Hackathon and Incubator

Women in Games

#SheMakesGames and #SheHacksGames

Women who Make

#SheMakes and our very own robot, #MissBOT

Women in Tech and Startups

#SheHacks – Bootcamps, Hackathon and Incubator

In 2014, Girl Geek Academy launched the first all-women hackathon in the world, #SheHacks. Running from Friday to Sunday, teams of 3-4 begin the ideation process, before iterating a product or solution on the Saturday and pitching on the Sunday. The program is fully supported by specialist mentors and recognises the diversity of skillsets of participants – creative, business, and technical.

In 2017, with the support of LaunchVic, we developed a comprehensive bootcamp program to new women talent to the startup world. We also launched the #sheHacks Incubator. This incubator program included a series of workshops covering lean principles, customer acquisition, HR basics, brand, marketing and PR basics, finance basics, legal basics, pitching feedback and raising capital from investors.

Women in Games

#SheMakesGames and #SheHacksGames

Currently, only 18 per cent of employees within Australia’s video game development industry identify as women, yet women are consuming games just as much as men. Girl Geek Academy co-founder, Lisy Kane, is dedicated to increasing the number of women visible in key positions within the industry, which she believes is a huge barrier to other women seeing themselves as valuable contributors to the gaming community.

#SheMakesGames is a one-day event designed to meet the learning needs of early career practitioners in the games industry. This event is a great place to start if you’re building a successful career in the games industry, with panel discussions, networking, game play and more.

#SheHacksGames is a weekend game jam where women are strategically matched into teams and have two days to create a game of any genre and any platform. Providing a premium opportunity for women looking to hone their skills in game development, participants are guided by key mentors from the game development industry.

These initiatives are designed for women who are new or early into their games industry careers and are seeking more hands-on experience, more exposure to the industry, and more opportunities to experience how their skills fit within the game development industry.

Women who Make

#SheMakes and our very own robot, #MissBOT

If you’re full of curiosity about 3D printing, wearables and everything in between this event introduces basic Making concepts in a friendly way. More advanced makers also have the opportunity to get down and dirty with design software and coding, soldering your wearables and messing around with the printers we have for the event. Like all of our events, #SheMakes is a great way to learn new skills, test new business ideas and meet new people to build things with.

On Saturday October 11, 2014 Girl Geek Academy launched Australia’s first all-women makerfest, #SheMakes. This event starts with a presentation on making and what it means for women, and in our inaugural year this included a keynote talk from one of the world’s leading speakers on 3D printing and modelling for Women; Ann Marie Shillito, Founder and CEO of Anarkik3D.

Panel discussions, maker talks and workshops including Girl Geek Makers 101, 3D Printing Hands On (and associated technology) and Wearable Hands On and more interactive experiences shine light on the possible pathways for women makers and those new to making.

Want to make awesome wearables? Got a 3D printer and don’t know how to use it? Want to scan yourself with a 3D scanner? Come and play with us as we explore the possibilities of making at our next #SheMakes.

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