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Event BFF

by Sarah Moran • August 6, 2016
#SheHacks 2016 - Event BFF [kleo_gap] Maecenas nec ultrices massa. Quisque orci diam, malesuada id augue nec, faucibus interdum dolor. Curabitur sagittis, felis porttitor placerat rhoncus, mauris diam sollicitudin nisl, sed luctus nulla sem non velit. Fusce a libero ullamcorper, volutpat orci ut, suscipit erat. Morbi tempor tortor vel urna lobortis. Hendrerit faucibus massa consequat. [...]


by Sarah Moran • August 6, 2016
#SheHacks 2016 Winner - Hackolades [kleo_gap] Hackolades is a safe space to share and celebrate great work. Users post snippets of cool code, images, videos or animations and then receive likes and comments from fellow hackers. There are over 19 million developers worldwide and Stack Overflow has over 3 million unique visitors a month. 12% of [...]


by Sarah Moran • August 6, 2016
#SheHacks 2016 - WomenWelcomeWomen [kleo_gap] This idea came from our frustration that we cannot do anything about Australian government’s policy towards refugees combined with our own experiences as immigrants to Australia. We have all struggled to settle in, whether figuring out how the trams work - how to get a driver’s license, or what the [...]


by Sarah Moran • August 6, 2016
#SheHacks 2016 - Sprout [kleo_gap] Planting the seed of charitable behaviour Sprout takes the family pocket money and invests it in charitable initiatives. See weekly pocket money and decide how much to donate. Choose charity based on interests and gifting goal. Learn more about the gift’s impact and commit to donate. [kleo_gap] #SheHacks team members [...]


by Sarah Moran • August 6, 2016
#SheHacks 2016 - SheCounts [kleo_gap] A women’s life doesn’t stop after children and our goal is to skill women who wish to return to the tech world and feel they may be out of touch with the fast-paced industry. Here at #shecounts, we understand that every woman matters and provides a beneficial aspect to every [...]

Sticks and Stones

by Sarah Moran • August 6, 2016
#SheHacks 2016 - Sticks and Stones [kleo_gap] #SheHacks Winner 2016 - Most Creative Sticks & Stones is a web app aimed at educating children about the impact of their language. Illustrated extra-terrestrial characters accompany users through scenarios in which sexist language is being used and then encouraged to provide an alternative, non-discriminatory response. This product is [...]

She Hacks 2016 profile photos

by Sarah Moran • August 6, 2016
At #SheHacks 2016, we set up a photo studio to take portraits of our hackers, hipsters and hustlers. We firmly believe in raising the profile of women in our industry, and we like to make sure we start with amazing profile pics! 💜 These photos were made possible by our delightful photographer Bri Hammond. If [...]

Tammy Butow at Monitorama 2016

by Sarah Moran • June 28, 2016

Why we need women-only tech events

by Sarah Moran • June 15, 2016

I’ve been working in tech for around 4-5 years. About 2.5 years ago I started teaching myself to build iPhone apps in Objective-C. As someone new to development, I started looking at ways to learn more about programming and meet other developers in the tech industry I was already part of. When I asked for […]

Human Rights Arts and Film Festival

by Sarah Moran • May 8, 2016