#MissMakesCode Hangouts

Coming in May 2018!

Date: Monthly on Saturdays, exact dates depending on age group

Make friends, have fun and learn how to code! These weekend sessions are designed to ignite their imaginations and show the potential that STEM skills have to shape their future.  Every month there are different projects and activities to learn from, as well as developing other skills such as peer learning, presenting and public speaking. This is a inclusive and supportive environment where everyone is encouraged to challenge themselves as far as they are comfortable – but having fun is our main goal!

The age groups are:

  • 5-7 years old – first Saturday of every month
  • 8-10 years old – second Saturday of every month
  • 11-13 years old – third Saturday of every month
  • 14-17 years old – fourth Saturday of every month

Why did we create #MissMakesCode Hangouts?

Parents told us they wanted more regular opportunities for their girls to develop coding skills and feel empowered when using technology.

Kids told us they wanted more time to hang out with friends, have heaps of fun and make cool stuff on their iPads or laptops.

So we created a regular event where kids can meet up with their tech-loving friends to develop more coding & STEM skills while being supported by qualified teachers and inspiring role models.

Every girl has the freedom to learn at their own pace – so we welcome everyone from coding newbies to advanced programmers. We’re all there to share our love of tech!

Frequently Asked Questions

We do ask that for meetups you commit to 3 months (which equals 3 meet ups) in order to give your child the best chance to learn and consolidate skills as well as create a strong bond with the rest of the group.

Every session is lead by a qualified teacher and supported by experts in their chosen field – whether that’s coding, robotics, entrepreneurship, or anything else we think the girls will love!

Most of the time the kids will simply need an iPad or other tablet, but some projects will require a laptop computer. You will have lots of notice beforehand, and if you have any problems just let us know and we may be able to loan your child a device for the day.

We know that you may need a sleep in on a Saturday… so drop off is from 9.30-10am and pick up between 2.30-3pm.

Any other questions? Click here to get in touch!

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