Liara Covert

Career transition & business coach at Dreambuilding Pty. Ltd

Liara Covert is an author, speaker, intuitive counselor and coach. Her insight and expertise draw from experiences in 65 countries. Her unique views stem in part from being a womb twin survivor (WTS), taking profound personal responsibility for her perceptions, and finding courage to make her fears and uncomfortable emotions conscious. As the result of doing deep work on herself, she empowers you to get in touch with your true self so you can create your life more consciously.

Her expert facilitation assists you to explore your own personal history, see shifting life events, desires and purpose on a whole new level. She comes to offer career transition and business coaching as the result of completing a Ph.D. in the area of diplomacy and leadership.

Her project grew out of creating internships, working in international organisations, participating in events in 30 countries and proposing future roles for former astronauts. Wisdom emerging from this project helps Liara empower others who sense a new life purpose emerging, or are ready to shift focus yet, are struggling to clarify new direction or source of fulfillment that feels equivalent to previous accomplishments.

Her coaching insight draws from roles such as university MBA lecturer, dream analyst, newspaper columnist, internet radio host and co-host, marketing communications and sales officer, overseas internship coordinator, and legal consultant. Overcoming obstacles in different countries has been part of her process of shifting from employee to self-employed, from self-limiting beliefs to wider awareness of being here.

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