Kate Russell


I am a senior global business development executive with experience in opening new markets, building businesses and communicating brand vision.

I have a background in media, technology and the creative industries with an emphasis on sales, marketing and change management. I co-founded an international editorial and photography agency that represented over 300 freelance journalists, photographers and agencies to publishers in 60 countries and launched a Dutch company on behalf of Bill Gates’ photo & footage archive, Corbis.

Most recently I’ve worked with leading augmented reality platforms Blippar (UK) and Layar (The Netherlands) as Global Head of Media and Strategic Accounts Director. I also headed content sales and partnerships at News Corporation (Australia) magazine division – NewsLifeMedia.

Currently I work as Deputy CEO for a law firm specialised in corporate and humanitarian visas and migration. Apart from launching an international business and developing markets for others I’ve consulted to many other businesses and entrepreneurs with positive outcomes.

I’ve travelled around the globe with my work and have been based in London, Amsterdam and Bangalore (India). I recently relocated to Melbourne from The Netherlands to be closer to my family.

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