We are so excited to have launched Girl Geek Academy and we are now getting stuck into our first Girl Geek Academy theme… pitching!
At Girl Geek Academy we think that great pitching skills are important for all girl geeks. We want you to feel confident and comfortable when voicing your ideas and requests. We want you to share your ideas, grow your teams, raise that investment you are working towards and more. There are amazing women that we will introduce you to, they know how to pitch and they will share their tips with you.

So let’s kick off with our first geek goodie for July!

First up Dr Jess Murphy, one of our pitching experts, recommends we all watch a TED talk by Amy Cuddy on body language:


Dr Jess Murphy has also shared her top 5 tips for pitching:

1. Know your audience – research them, know how they got their start and try and weave your knowledge of them into the conversation (but take care not to come off as a stalker)

2. Know your strengths (play to them), know your weaknesses (minimise them) and know their biases (counteract them) – this is all about self awareness (yours and theirs)

3. Put yourself in their shoes – what differentiates you with everyone else? What will be your ‘X’ factor? Make sure you leave an impression.

4. Be succinct – what are your top 5 points? Now cull those 5 to only 3. Why are these your top 3 points? Explain each one with only 1 minute to each point.

5. Know your business model – money talks, make sure one of your points focuses on commerciality.


Next up we would love for you to attend the first ever Girl Geek Academy workshop, you can pick up a ticket here:



Lastly, we want to hear from you!

Who or what has helped you improve your pitching skills?