At Launch Festival yesterday Jed Katz from Javelin VP presented “Jed’s 52 Point Series A Checklist”. One of his slides stood out to me:



This slide intimidated me immensely. Every founder I know who has raised in Silicon Valley is a man – and I’m pitching a product targeted specifically at women.

Jed was kind enough to share the slides with anyone who emailed him, so I also took the opportunity to ask him a question and he generously replied.

If most investor meetings rely on referrals, how do we increase the number of women getting those meetings?

jed-investorThe good thing about the ratio of women to men in tech being sadly low, is that the women that are there really want to help other women coming in to tech, and referrals tend to be easier to get.

There are also several groups dedicated to helping women in tech get started.

With all that said, you’d be surprised when you start reaching out to both men and women in tech how willing they are to help. Just keep asking your expanded network.

Finally, the accelerators are extremely helpful in getting your network started, so if you have a chance to do one of them, I would seriously consider it.

Good luck!!


Jed replied to my first email in four minutes and responded to my question in under 2 hours. If this is a testimonial of how much people are enthusiastic and willing to help you get stuff done here, then Silicon Valley is probably a kinder, more generous place than I first envisioned.

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