Apply now for the first Girl Geek Academy Scholarship in partnership with General Assembly (valued at $15,500)

At Girl Geek Academy we recently celebrated our second birthday. In two years we have run 4 all-female hackathons, created meetups in NYC and SF for highly technical women, gathered women in the games industry to build games together, we’ve sent Girl Geeks to conferences and have introduced many women to the wonders of 3D printing and making 💖

But until we reach the point where the workforce of people in technology matches the diversity of the general population, we need to do more to encourage women to improve their technology skills, collaborate and build the internet together.

Today we are proud to announce the first of what will hopefully be many scholarship opportunities for women to become strong technical women🙋

Our amazingly incredible friends at General Assembly are giving you the chance to earn a scholarship towards the Web Development Immersive program, launching this 26 September and 7 November at General Assembly Melbourne.

You can apply from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD – you just need to make your way to Melbourne to participate in the course.

One individual will receive a full scholarship for this full-time, 12-week program and learn the skills needed to become a junior web developer. Applications close Monday, 12 September.

It only takes two minutes so say yes to increasing your technical experience. Apply Now!

This course has changed the lives of many women already, and we’d love to see many more women change their lives by beginning a career in tech.

Name What were you doing before the course? What are you doing now? How long did it take you to find a job after graduating? What are you most proud about achieving during the course? Describe in one sentence your experience of the GA Course?
Pranati Vyas A full-time job as the mum of two fantastic girls! Software Engineer at Sanctuary Digital Less than 5 weeks Trying my hand at new technologies, and sticking with projects even when they seemed to impossible for me to finish. A fun-filled and supportive environment, most conducive to learning!
Emily Bie I had been working in an IT company as a iOS developer and tester for one year after I graduated from the university with a master’s degree majoring in computer software & theory. I immigrated to Australia one year ago and relocated to Melbourne. I leaned the English language and travelled around the country and then started WDI course at GA. I am now working at Odecee in Melbourne as an Associate Software Engineer building web applications using AngularJS and NodeJS. About 2-3 weeks. Find my passion on back-end development with Ruby on Rails and NodeJS. Working as a team and cooperate with others. GA Web Development Immersive Course is one of the best courses I have ever taken from which I have learned the most sought-after skills in tech and built real websites, APIs and data-driven apps while collaborating with classmates on a range of projects.
Gemma Stiles I was a medical secretary for six years and then found myself working in office administration and IT support. I am a front-end developer I was lucky enough in the fact that finder offered me the opportunity to come back and work with their D&T team after finishing the course, so technically I had a developer job before I went to GA 😛 I am proud of several things, firstly taking the plunge and committing to a career change (which initially was terrifying to be honest). Then I am proud I of actually completing the course itself and acquiring the fundamental skills to work as a junior developer. My time at GA was definitely intense, but a lot of fun at the same time and I learned the basic skills to give me the confidence to work as a junior developer as part of team that pushes code to production multiple times a day.
Lex Felicilda For the last 7 years I have been working on the beaches in Hawaii for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. The last 5 years I spent with one of the top sailing companies in Hawaii. I had several projects that I wanted to build and I didn’t have the skills to create them. I had tried for several years to teach myself online with not much success. I decided to enroll in the course in Sydney to get away from distractions so I could solely focus on learning Web Development. I finished one of the projects I had been wanting to create for the last 2 years. I created a Missing Person Database and resource page for Hawaii. It’s hard, fast-paced and not for the weak but it’s an experience that teaches you lessons that will last a lifetime.
Erin McIlroy Managing a team within IT Service Management at Westpac Interaction Designer at BT Financial Group I received 3 job offers after graduating and my first offer was less than a month after graduating. I’m proud that I worked hard and took advantage of all opportunities. I can look back now with no regrets. My experience of UXDi was life changing and I feel so lucky to have shared this time living and breathing UX with passionate likeminded classmates and instructors.