Gender Equality Game Jam

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These games were created for a great cause in just two days!

In 2019, Girl Geek Academy, in conjunction with the City of Port Phillip hosted Australia’s first Gender Equality Game Jam! In just a weekend, some of the loveliest folks came together to create games of any genre or platform they could imagine.

All these games addressed gender equality issues such as stereotypes and gendered drivers towards violence against women and all marginalised genders.

First, participants joined us for a workshop on 4th September to hear from a range of health and games industry professionals, learning more about the driers of inequality and how games can challenge these issues.

Then on 14th September, the game jam kicked off at 9am. Everyone was teamed up in 3-4 and went creating away until Sunday afternoon. They were then invited to showcase their awesome creations at our community space at PAX in October!

We’ve brought together the wonderful games right here on this page for anyone to have a play.

Gender Equality Game Jam 2019 - Group Picture

Why did we host a game jam about gender equality?

Because games (and the arts as a whole) has a powerful impact on society, and therefore has the ability to affect real change.

Because games can break hearts, create joy and make you see the world from a different perspective.

Because you can solve problems and have fun at the same time.

Because gender equality impacts everyone regardless of their gender.

Because the problem isn’t being fixed fast enough – so it’s time to try something new.

Because gender equality is a primary prevention issue for family violence, which is at epidemic levels in Australia.

Because this could be the catalyst for something epic.

The Games

The Art of Communication game development team

Your Interview is in 10 ...

Your Interview is at 10… Is a game about gender stereotypes in generalised job interview scenarios, and the thoughts and anxieties that come alongside them.

Do you arrive early? How early is too early? What are you going to wear? How do you answer the dreaded “What are your weaknesses?” question?

This game is designed to be played by multiple people in a large space, it’s a chance to reflect on how you would respond in these stereotypical interview scenarios, and then compare your behaviours to those around you.

The Art of Communication

Everyone can feel like an ‘other’ at some point when they are surrounded by people who are not like them, or if they just feel as though they are not like the others around them. This can be a subconscious feeling or be quite overt depending on the structure of where they are (power, perception, media, etc.)

We wanted to find a common story of how diversity issues affect us, and chose non-gendered characters so that the player could project their own assumptions and feelings onto the character. There is an interaction, and then a pause for reflection – inviting the player to think about their own assumptions and what might surprise them.

train shuffle game development team

The Lesser of Two Equals

How easily can you tell who is in a room? This is a game about guessing the makeup of a crowd. Play this quick game and consider your results – you may find them interesting and reflective.

Train Shuffle

Don’t you hate creepers on the train? Watch out for people creeping on innocent bystanders on the train, and move them out of the way before time runs out . Catch those creeps, bro… (Also mouse scroll to look around)

Genderally Speaking game dev team
Baby's First Gender development team

Genderally Speaking

A reflective game facilitating respectful and educational conversation around gender inequality.

Baby's First Gender

You play as a Day Care Teacher who needs to give the children in your class toys that they like and that make them happy!

You Look Good Today

Dress yourself up for a day out at the park, and get nice compliments from the other people there!

It’s time to hire some new employees! Will you make the right decisions, and hire the right people for the job?


Explore a space and interact with different social situations. Depending on how you react to these experiences you will grow your knowledge about dealing with difficult social situations and having a positive impact on your environment.


An experience that challenges the idea of binaries, both within allyship and gender. By travelling around a space full of abstract shapes, your interactions and movements within the space will affect the shapes around you.

Life of Ryan

You are a mother of 2 with 5 years experience in marketing. You have 6 months to prove yourself in your new job, but so does Ryan, a 32 year-old white man with zero experience but a lot of motivation! Only one will be hired. Good luck, you’re gonna need it!

The venue

Australia's best coworking space for indie games developers

Gender Equality Game Jam 2019 took place at The Arcade, Australia’s first not-for-profit, collaborative workspace created specifically for game developers and creative companies using game methodologies and technologies. It’s the home of cool indie gaming companies like League of Geeks, Mountains and Tin Man Games.

Gender Equality Game Jam 2019
Gender Equality Game Jam 2019

The support

Some of the best in the biz

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck when the clock is ticking… so we invited our friends from the gaming industry to come along for mentoring and support throughout that weekend.  These mentors have incredible experience in a variety of areas, and are all passionate about sharing their wisdom and helping others create the best game they possibly can.

The food

We don't build the internet with beer & pizza - we do it with tea & cupcakes

If there’s one comment we hear the most from event attendees, it’s praise for our amazing catering! Just because it’s a hackathon doesn’t mean the food has to be greasy and gross.  The weekend was fully catered with healthy and delicious food… plus a few treats thrown in for good measure. Everyone was hydrated with tea, coffee and herbal teas, and of course no Girl Geek Academy event would be complete without cupcakes to finish.

And if our past events are anything to go by, no one ever goes hungry!

Gender Equality Game Jam 2019 - Cupcakes

Meet our amazing program partners!

City of Port Phillip

The City of Port Phillip is one of the oldest areas of European settlement in Melbourne, known and treasured by many for its urban village feel and artistic expression. It is a city of distinct neighbourhoods, each with its own unique character, defined by heritage buildings, strip shopping and entertainment precincts, beach promenades and treelined streets.

Star Health

Star Health is a leading provider of Primary Health services in Victoria. They provide a broad ranges of services for you and your family, spanning across the entire life span, including GP Services, Dental Services, Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Counselling, Family Violence Programs and Diabetes Education. Our Health Promotion team works with  schools, early learning centres, workplaces and the communities to promote health and wellbeing


The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) is a pioneer in health promotion – the process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health. Of all the things we do, above all we seek to make health gains among Victorians by pre-empting and targeting improvements in health across our population, fostered within the day-to-day spaces where people spend their time, and with benefits to be enjoyed by all.

The Gender Equality in the Arts grant is about shifting community attitudes on gender equality. The arts has an important role in disrupting gender stereotypes and shining a light on unhealthy attitudes and behaviours that lead to gender inequality and violence against women.

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