We'd love to run another Early Career Incubator in 2021

We love a good Career Incubator. Not only are they great helping participants develop their skillset, they’re also important for building a community — bringing women in together to form a supportive network.

We ran the Games Career Incubator in 2019, and it was lots of fun. Together, we made new mates, ate great food, and learnt about things like:

  • Developing a personal brand
  • What’s involved in mentoring
  • Building yourself leadership opportunities
  • And much more!

We wanted to run another incubator in 2020, but everything happened.

We’d love to run another incubator in 2021. We’re not sure what that looks like yet, but if an early career incubator sounds up your alley, fill in your details and we’ll be in contact when we have more to announce.

“We need more women and non-binary talent in senior roles, and to make sure they have extended careers we need to be upskilling and working to retain this amazing talent" - Lisy Kane