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We’re looking for passionate & ambitious early career practitioners throughout Victoria who are ready to advance their careers & leadership in the games industry to join us for the inaugural Girl Geek Academy Games Career Incubator. This new program will provide an invaluable opportunity for practitioners in the early stages of their careers to come together to upskill and think strategically about their future.

Addressing the unique challenges women and non-binary games practitioners face as they move into employment, the initiative focuses on mentoring and network building, paired with practical training to give participants the skills, knowledge and support they need to maximise their career potential and be considered for senior roles.

Tell me more, tell me more!

It’s too easy to get caught up in working so hard on your project that you forget to work on your career. Our Games Career Incubator is a fantastic way to ensure there is dedicated time to focus back on you – your ambition, your personal brand, your industry skills and your connections.

The format is designed for maximum impact with minimum disruption to your schedule:

  • Monthly cohort breakfasts hosted by Lisy Kane, and featuring special guests to speak on a variety of topics including personal brand, financial literacy and career sustainability
  • A tailored program of both 1:1 and group learning sessions based on your individual needs
  • Access to industry leaders through online and in-person networking
  • A final breakfast ‘graduation’ to celebrate your success and meet industry VIPs

And thanks to the legends at Film Victoria, this program is offered free of charge!

Why does the games industry need the Games Career Incubator?

Lisy Kane (Girl Geek Academy cofounder & award-winning producer at League of Geeks) sums it up best:

“We need more women and non-binary talent in senior games roles, and to make sure they have extended careers we need to be upskilling and working to retain this amazing talent.

The group format also ensures our participants go beyond technical skill building, and equally focus on the power of professional networks to ensure career success.”


How long will the program run for?

The program kicks off on April 23 with our first cohort breakfast, and will wrap up early August.

How much does the program cost?

Well, normally the RRP of the program would be around $1500+GST… but thanks to the legends at Film Victoria, we are able to offer this program at no cost to the participants.  🎉

To be clear – it’s no financial cost.  In lieu of payment we expect your full participation in the program, including commitment to all events & workshops and following through on any ‘homework’ suggested by any mentors or the Girl Geek Academy team.

When & where will the breakfasts be held?

The cohort breakfasts are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of each month. To save you counting, the exact dates are:

  • April 23
  • May 21
  • June 25
  • July 23

The location is TBC, however it will be in Melbourne CBD.  While we strongly encourage all Melburnians to attend in person, we understand that there may be obstacles which we’ll work with you to overcome.  For our regional participants we will make arrangements for you once you are accepted.  (Basically – don’t let the fact you can’t attend in person deter you from applying!)

Can you tell me about the 1:1 sessions? Who will I be working with? What do we talk about?

In a nutshell… nope!

The beauty of this program is our ability to adapt it to suit your unique needs, goals and experience – which we won’t know until we confirm who is in the group! Rest assured we have an extensive network of experts and industry legends who are excited to work with our cohort, and we’ll work it out with you directly.

Besides – it’s fun to have surprises 🙂

I think I'm too old/young/inexperienced/clever/whatever... should I still apply?

Our rule of thumb – if you believe you could be described as an ‘early career practitioner’, then please apply!

If you’re unsure – still apply!

While the technical definition of ‘early career’ is 1-3 years, there’s so many paths that can be taken that we don’t want to be too strict on this.  Plus, women generally have a terrible habit of not putting themselves forward when opportunities come knocking. So if this program speaks to you, then just do it 🙂

When do applications close?

The application deadline is 5pm (Melbourne time) on Tuesday April 8th.  We’ve allowed a little extra time as we know that it’s close to GDC time and a very busy time in the industry.  But don’t leave it to the last minute!

I have a tricky question that's not answered here.

Well that’s more of a statement than a question…

But if you need some more info, please email and we’ll get back to you.  Please understand that due to time constraints we can’t assess your individual background & suitability for the program – that’s what the applications are for! We will always encourage you to go for it 🙂

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