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Get to know Hamsa, Eve, Niki and Maggie in this new book series published by Penguin Random House.

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We are proud to present the first two books in the Girl Geek series. Written for girls between 7-12 years to inspire and encourage their inner geek. Our books are developed, written, illustrated, designed and printed locally. Due for release in-store on June 25, you can pre-order your copy here.

Girl Geeks Book 1:
The Hackathon

Hamsa’s teacher has announced that their class will be doing their very own hackathon.

A hack-a-what? thinks Hamsa. She doesn’t know anything about tech or coding!

Can Hamsa and her team come up with the goods or will things fall apart as she plays it too cool for school?

Girl Geeks Game On!

Girl Geeks Book 2:
Game On!

Skateboarding and video games are the best things in the world according to Niki.

So when the biggest esports tournament announces they will hold a junior comp in her town, Niki is the first to enter.

It’s not an easy road and Niki is thrown a challenge, but with her girl gang by her side – it’s game on!

Why we wrote this book series.

We are Girl Geek Academy and we are teaching one million women and girls tech skills by 2025. We wanted to tell stories to young girls because we know how great stories about girl geeks can be.


Hacking is all about creative problem solving. This book series uses technology as a plot device and has fun with putting technology onto paper.


There is something magical about the journey young girls go through as they learn about who they are as an individual and how friendship can make them stronger.

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When four girls are thrown together for a school project, their girl gang is formed. Follow the stories of these ten-year-olds as they navigate friendships, take risks and embrace their inner geek.

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Say hi to Hamsa

Hamsa would never have dared call herself a geek. With a mix of hasty enthusiasm and self-doubt she’s spent years trying her darndest to fit into the ‘cool’ group at school. It’s through the hackathon that for the first time she’s able to channel that energy into something that’s really appreciated, discovering that being herself is way more fun. She’s a risk-taker, an optimist, fun to be around and great at inventing things buuuut, not so great with the details.

Meet Maggie

Studious, kind and a bit of a tinkerer, she works hard in every subject but has a fondness for STEM. She’s equally busy outside school – excelling in tennis, piano and filling every other spare minute with her favourite hobby – making. She’s excited to discover how tech makes crafting even more fun. And while she’s more comfortable avoiding the spotlight, that’s not a bad thing. Watch out world – being quiet doesn’t mean you have nothing to say!

Get to know Niki

Nikoletta, who’s known to her pals as Niki, embraced her geek way back. One of those people that’s so comfortable in their own skin, they don’t need validation from others. She likes gaming, STEM at school, and being totally into skateboarding has given her the fearlessness needed to be a great coder. Independent, wise and with a dry sense of humour, Niki is happy being somewhat of a lone wolf. Niki learns that having a girl gang makes her even more powerful.

Welcome Eve

Eve is the ultimate all-rounder. She loves being into everything (including being a wicked artist), but the downside is that she doesn’t fit neatly any one particular box. She’s new to school so as well as navigating new friendships, she’s also dealing with readjusting to life back in Australia after spending the last three years living with her parents in San Francisco. Ever the perfectionist, Eve will soon learn just how important it is to get things wrong in life.

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About the author

Since publishing her first play at age seventeen, Melbourne-based writer Alex Miles has worked across theatre, television and advertising. She wrote under the penname H.I. Larry for eight books in the Zac Power series, imparted wedding wisdom with the book Sixty Secrets for a Happy Bride, excited readers across the country with her children’s series, Starring Olive Black, and was a contributing author in Letters to my Teenage Self and Total Quack Up! With two young boys, Freddy and George (who weren’t named after the Weasley twins), Alex juggles her time between motherhood, writing and presenting in schools.

Let’s launch together!

We want 10,000 girls to read these books and to celebrate we are throwing parties across Australia. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch!

  • 29 June - The Little Bookroom, Melbourne

    You are warmly invited to celebrate the publication of a brand new middle grade series by Alex Miles presented by Geek Girl Academy, Girl Geeks: The Hackathon and Girl Geeks: Game on! We’ll be joined by the CEO of Girl Geek Academy, Sarah Moran and many members of the Girl Geek community.


    Saturday 29 June 2019
    3:00 pm – 4:00 pm AEST

    The Little Bookroom
    759 Nicholson St
    Carlton North, VIC 3054

  • 30 June - Pop & Play @ Home of the Arts, Gold Coast

    It’s time to play: POP & PLAY.

    A jam-packed afternoon of esports, Asia POP music and dance, food and talks about all things tech.

    From 3-8pm, do as little or as much as you like at this free event. Take on a K-pop dance crew or join the esports community; learn to hack or make dumplings and then grab a bite from the Asian food selection.

    Or just sit back on the grass, check out HOTA’s new outdoor space, and soak up the vibes of this new festival.

    We’ll be announcing special international guest artists soon.

    This is a FREE event, but registration is essential. You’ll also be kept up to date with the latest event information.

    Presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts


    Keen to get along to an event in Brisbane? We are working hard to prepare a book party for you soon.

    Drop us an email to be notified when we have locked in a time and date.


    Keen to get along to an event in Sydney? We are working hard to prepare a book party for you soon.

    Drop us an email to be notified when we have locked in a time and date.

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