This week in San Francisco game development professionals from around the world are gathering for the annual Game Development Conference (GDC).

Over 26,000 programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games gather to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry.

This year these incredible Australian women who have flown over 14 hours to make sure that future includes some amazing female voices.

Following their tweets so far has uncovered highlights such as the #WIGBrunch on Monday, a game jam on a train heading to #GDC16 (#trainjam) and many gave props to the #GDC16 organisers for all-day childcare available on-site.

Looking forward to see what the future of game development holds through the eyes of these women as the conference continues this week.

1. Lisy Kane @lisyk
Producer / Community Manager at League of Geeks
Cofounder of Girl Geek Academy

2. Giselle Rosman @jazzrozz

Executive Producer of The Global Game Jam
Business Administrator at Hipster Whale
Director of IGDA Melbourne Chapter

3. Izzy Gramp @Shrubbette
Founder at Geeiz Games

4. Kamina Vincent @spamoir
Event Manager and Volunteer Coordinator at Game Developer’s Association Australia ‎
Tin Man Games Pty Ltd

5. Lauren Clinnick @laurclinn
Co-Founder and Managing Director at Lumi Consulting

6. Katie Gall @steggy_
Co-Founder and Creative Director Lumi Consulting

7. Brooke Maggs @Brooke_Maggs
Freelance writer, game designer and digital storyteller
Writing/designing/producing for: The Time Project (wip) for @TheVoxelAgents

8. Shelley Lowe @_shelleylowe_
UI Programmer at @LeagueOfGeeks

9. Cheryl Vance
Director at Prideful Sloth in Queensland

10. Anna Irwin-Schutze @irwinschutze
Instructional Designer
Director at Sound Librarian

11. Nicole Stark @colestark Co-director, Disparity Games

12. Sally Kellaway @soundsbysal
Technical Sound Designer for FMOD and Zero Latency

13. Aspen Forster @aspenforster
Games Designer. Games Artist at Firemonkeys EA.

14. Ngoc Vu @ngoctmvu
Game Dev • Illustration • Animation • 3D tidbits
Character Artist for @ProjectVen

15. Clara Reeves @cla_rar
Games & Animation Investment Manager at Film Victoria

16. Fiona Murray @TheCantorDust
Finance Manager, Surprise Attack Games


Shit just got real. #GDC16

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