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Photo of Emilia Chignola

Emilia Chignola


Emilia is a Producer at Two Lives Left. Besides that she is the Founder of SA Women in Games. This Adelaide resident is passionate about game development, game and video design. She had a lot of successful projects in her career not only in the gaming franchise but as well as in community management and project management.

Photo of Cheng Chua

Cheng Chua


I'm a second year student at The University of Melbourne, studying Communications and Media studies and IT. I'm interested in front end development and UX/UI Design! 🙂

Angelia Chung

Head of Analysis

Holly Clark


Holly is a Copywriter at Lexer. As a copywriter Holly is an innovative and capable to produce whatever content her clients want. She had a lot of media based projects during her career. She is a top-notch at press releases, writing and internal communication.

Photo of Jess Clarke

Jess Clarke

Software Developer

Jessica works as a Software Developer at Geometry Pty Ltd. She is a multi-disciplinary graduate of BA/BSc (Hons. Computing), with professional interests in human-computer interaction, user focused design, research, and mapping and data visualisation. She thrives on research opportunities, and she is drawn to creative ventures.

Bradley Clayton

Architect, Mobile & Connected Devices

Bradley is an architect in the Mobile and Connected Devices team at Deloitte Digital. Bradley has built mobile applications for a number of Australian organisations, including the National Bank of Australia, Belong, Australia Post, Telstra, ANZ, GE Money and the Department of Health. Bradley has also consulted to South African organisations in the media industry, working with titles including the Sunday Times, The Sowetan and Elle magazine.

Photo of Valina Clearwater

Valina Clearwater

Photo of Lauren Clinnick

Lauren Clinnick

Managing Director

Photo of Tamlyn Cocker

Tamlyn Cocker

Graphic designer

Tamlyn currently works as a Graphic Designer at Retail Savvy Group. For Tamlyn Cocker a Melbourne based Graphic designer, graphic design is a way of life as much as an occupation. Born and raised in a small costal town off the South Western of Australia. Four years ago she spontaneously decided to pack up her bags and embark on a journey across the nullabour seeking adventure, inspiration and new beginnings. She enjoys travel, good company and nice glass of wine.

Photo of Brie Code

Brie Code


Brie Code and her company Tru Luv Media make video games with people who don’t like video games. Brie built her career in AAA, leading programming teams at Ubisoft Montreal on Assassin’s Creed III, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and Assassin’s Creed II, as well as writing code at Relic Entertainment for the RTS games Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War. Becoming bored with working on games she was no longer interested in playing while simultaneously being in love with games as an entertainment medium, she then finished her time at Ubisoft Montreal by launching their diversity initiative and leading the programming team on the softer, more ethereal game Child of Light. Brie thinks diverse teams make less boring games. Brie’s favourite game is still Skyrim.

Photo of Natalie Coffin

Natalie Coffin

Senior Digital Producer

Natalie is working at Loud&Clear as Senior Digital Producer. Like most digital marketers, she likes to spend her free time visiting other marketers’ blogs. She gets fired up by things happening online that most people don’t have a clue about. Her niche area of expertise is creating strategic online plans for sport & fitness brands. With a Marketing degree and a Sports Science degree under her belt, she understands the psychology of a sports/fitness consumer completely. This is backed up by her experience working on accounts for major sports teams and stadiums, market research in the sport and entertainment industries, marketing and communications experience with a major fitness brand and being a qualified Personal Trainer. Natalie is also a passionate social entrepreneur who always has an idea or seven on the go. With her notebook full of scribbles, she loves coming up with ways to give back, pay it forward, save the animals and do work with a purpose.

Photo of Laura Conti

Laura Conti

GM Digital Investment & Commercial

With over 10 years’ experience strategically defining business transformation programs, and transformative strategies, as a trusted business partner; she has built a reputation for ‘getting the job done’, defining change initiatives that push traditional business boundaries, whilst mitigating risk and maximising commercial success. As a leader, she is direct, open and big on delivery - delicately taming cutting edge technology ideas, crafting ‘digital’ into commercial and corporate speak. She is proud that no matter how open-ended or intangible the project outcomes might be, she never loses sight of the underlying objective - to harness new technologies, techniques and tools - in order to make business better. She enjoys making new connections.

Photo of Rechelle Coombes

Rechelle Coombes


Rechelle is the Founder of Socielle. Rechelle is a business marketing expert determined to use her 11 years experience in some of the world’s largest organisations, as a force for ‘good’. Running her own business and also leading a marketing team of 6 for a professional services company. Her experience working across Asia-Pacific for some of the world’s largest organisations (Westpac Group, UBS, Liberty International) has allowed her to have a thorough understanding of big business needs with a marketing and digital eye. Prior to launching Socielle, social entrepreneurship was a key driver for Rechelle in the Corporate world, whilst working at the Westpac Group she consulted non-for profit start-ups, founded the Westpac Youth Network’s Victorian arm advocating youth rights and partnering with charities to mentor and raise funds. Here she also represented Indigenous Australians as an ambassador for the Brothers and Sisters Network. This stint of philanthropic work lead her to embark on a new journey leveraging her innate passion for human rights and driving conscious capitalism.

Photo of Alyssa Coombs

Alyssa Coombs

Photo of Sonya Corcoran

Sonya Corcoran

Educational Designer

Talk to me about edTech, design, UX, javascript, creative coding, psychology and changing the world

Photo of Lisa Corker

Lisa Corker

Digital Products and Services Manager

Photo of Amanda Cox

Amanda Cox

Online Content Specialist

Photo of Jane Crappsley

Jane Crappsley

Digital Manager

Photo of Donna Crawford

Donna Crawford


Photo of Jane Crofts

Jane Crofts


Jane Crofts is a well-regarded Tableau specialist, Tableau Qualified Associate and Managing Director of Performance Analytics, one of the first Tableau Alliance Partners in Australia. Jane has worked with some of Tableau's largest Australian clients, supporting them through all aspects of their Tableau journeys — from inception to development and production of striking and engaging dashboards and management information systems. Jane works with organisations of all sizes helping them see and understand their data, enabling them to make better business decisions and achieve their vision of success. Her work with the “who’s who” of Australian Tableau clients has assisted these organisations get the most out of their Tableau investment; from training teams of analysts, building complex guided analytics and external facing portals, as well as leading many proof of concept initiatives to demonstrate exactly what Tableau can do! Author of bestseller Tableau Desktop: A Practical Guide for Business Users, Jane’s passion and enthusiasm to share the Tableau-love with the business community cannot be understated! A self-confessed Tableau-fanatic, Jane draws on her background in business analysis, management consulting, supply chain re-engineering and process improvement to provide a solid foundation for her expansive data visualisation, analytics and executive information systems repertoire.

Photo of Sarah Crooke

Sarah Crooke

Digital Analyst

Sarah is currently working as a Digital Analyst at IE Digital. She has worked in the digital industry for over 10 years in various roles: developer, project manager and account manager. She is now using all the skills to implement analytics code, and provide insights from the data it provides. Data has always been a passion of hers and she loves the opportunities it can provide when looked at with the keen eye and digital know how she has developed over the years.

Photo of Lisa Crosbie

Lisa Crosbie

Senior Consultant

Lisa works as a Senior Consultant at TotalCRM. Her expertise and interest is in the successful commercial application of technology in small and medium business. She brings over 15 years experience in Sales and Marketing to her role as a CRM Consultant to help managers design and understand their sales. She also consults on the "people side" of technology - good communication, training and change management. She has first hand experience scoping, rolling out and customising Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions marketing automation in a medium sized business, and has experience managing customer service and business process change at a senior management level.

Justine Crowley

Business Owner

Justine is a Business Owner. Previously a full-time freelance writer with an online presence, and started writing books on helping people manifest more abundance and prosperity in their world back in early 2012 - when Justine first became a full-time freelance writer within only a few months of entering the freelance writing profession. Today, Justine is an independent/self employed business consultant where she focuses on account management, freelance writing (PR focus for client companies, and writing/publishing her own books) and counselling. Justine has also just become a qualified nutritionist, and has recently been conferred with a Cert IV in Nutrition and Food Coaching. As a result, Justine is about to start writing her first nutrition book from July 2016. Justine also holds a Doctor of Psychology Degree.

Photo of Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz

Aspiring Software Engineer / Administration Assistant

I am studying the Bachelor of Software Engineering at RMIT University. Because I am still at the commencement of my degree, I am still exploring the different areas of IT I am mostly passionate about. I am currently interested in opportunities that will allow me to apply the skills I learn in the classroom to real scenarios. I have had an opportunity to develop a number of skills from my experiences in working in hospitality, customer service, and administrative roles. These experiences have allowed me to develop my communication, time-management and organisational skills. I work hard in everything that I do, I am always proud of my work and I am passionate about leaving a positive impact. I am determined to make every role my own, and have learnt to be comfortable with adapting to different social situations, management styles and work environments. In my spare time, I manage my brother-in-law's shop's social media and even had the opportunity to create the logo, signage and menu. I am also currently teaching myself web development and Android/iOS development skills. I love meeting new people, so I enjoy attending conferences and events where I can meet like-minded individuals and learn from their different experiences. I am particularly interested in hearing about different startups and learning about how ideas are transformed. I am most comfortable with programming in Java, but I have experience in other languages. Although, web development is still new to me, I have quickly developed a liking for CSS and HTML. I am hoping to further develop my other web development skills. I am seeking opportunities that will foster my education - particularly opportunities that will allow me to work and study at the same time. In the second half of 2017, I am hoping to commence a 12 month full-time Industry Based Learning opportunity as part of my degree. Should you wish to get in touch with me, please do not hesitate to send me a message and/or connect with me.

Renee Culley

Web Developer

Photo of Frederica Cunningham

Frederica Cunningham

Frederica Cunningham graduated with B.Mus (University of Melbourne), B.Mus.Perf (VCA) and B.Mus.Perf Honours (VCAM) and a Grad.Dip.Ed (La Trobe University). Scholarships/nominations include Artstart from Australian Council for the Arts 2013, Optus 50 Grant 2012, EC Wellisch Bequest and VCE Top Class Dance nomination. Frederica is a Theatre Network Australia member. Frederica was a Principal Artist in "Contact! The Netball Opera" (Arts Centre Melbourne), "Assembly" (Chunky Move/Victorian Opera/MIAF/Sydney Festival) and Chorus member in fifteen Victorian Opera productions/collaborations. Frederica co-wrote an English adaptation of opera “La Belle Helene” with Co-Librettist/Director Greg Eldridge (Lyric Opera of Melbourne), Writer/Performer: "Up Next" (Candle Ends Mini Festival), "iOpera 2.0 & other musical condiments", "One Way Ticket To Nowhere" (MICF), "Just One Step", and Performer in "L’Australie" (Melbourne Fringe Festival), "Zombie State" (Melbourne Workers Theatre/UHT) "Taxi" (D & Associates and the Big West Festival) and "Where the Wild Things Sing” (Summersault Festival). Frederica was Director for opera “The Telephone”, Director/Choreographer for “Grease: the Musical” and Assistant Director for opera “The Judgement of Paris”. She Choreographed new operas “Somewhere before the End” and “The Seven Deadly Sins”. Frederica was Observing Director for new operas “Delphi” and “Pitch Perfect”, Victorian Opera’s inaugural production “Cosi Fan Tutte” and “Noye’s Fludde”.

Photo of Alicja Cwierz

Alicja Cwierz

Front End Developer

Photo of Belinda Dambrosio

Belinda Dambrosio

ICT Analyst

Belinda is currently working as an ICT Analyst at Mitsubishi. She is an energetic professional with over 10 years of experience of being a well-rounded, central point in effective teams within a variety of industries. Well respected by peers and known for being a highly organised motivator with exceptional communication skills and an interest in all facets of the working environment from safety to social, switching between analytical and spontaneous as required.

Photo of Aston Darley

Aston Darley

Account Manager

Photo of Leigh Davis

Leigh Davis


Leigh is a Director of Empire Swing. She started dancing when she was 4 years old and is in a constant battle with her parents over who should have to look after the trophies. After 10 years of Physical Culture, 2 years of Jazz, then a couple of years of Funk, life got in the way and dancing took a backseat. She then started swing dancing in March 2007 after a lazy weekend listening to Michael Buble and trying to learn 30’s Charleston (and completely failing at it). Quickly a vague interest in Swing turned into a mass obsession with Leigh starting Balboa and joining the Demo Troupe later that same year. At the start of 2011, Leigh has taken on the role of running the Empire Swing Demo Troupe.

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