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Photo of Kris Bredemeier

Kris Bredemeier


I am a full-stack software engineering student at Holberton School. I have previously worked for Apple, and have a BA in Community Art.

Photo of Renece Brewster

Renece Brewster

Founder & CEO

Renece is a CEO & Founder at Data Creative in Melbourne. Renece is very hard working and always available. She builds strong relationships with everyone she deals with. She grasps complex subjects. And she is always open to input and feedback to deliver projects on brief and budget. Renece is highly professional, highly motivated, and an excellent leader. The success of Visual Domain is testament to her dedication and hard work. Renece leads by example and brings out the best in people; her commitment to quality and dedication in every aspect of the business is unrivalled.

Photo of Liliana Brissos

Liliana Brissos

Front-End Web Developer

Liliana is a Web Developer at Barking Bird. Liliana is a creative free-thinker who thrives on multi-tasking, supporting the team, and a 90s hip-hop playlist. Currently studying Web Development and Digital Media Technologies, she is deeply passionate about all things tech, digital, and photography. She has a creative and free-thinking approach to development. She is deeply passionate about all things tech, digital and self development.

Photo of Dee Broughton

Dee Broughton

Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Photo of Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown

Web Developer

A resident of Adelaide, Australia, Sarah Brown is a self-described “techie with a heart” who uses her experience to help people, businesses, non-profits, and brands with their online presence and following in her online business, Esbie. Sarah has a deep passion for community and collaboration, and a love for computers and the online world. You can find Sarah in Adelaide working with clients or hanging out with fellow creatives and techies.

Photo of Susan Brown

Susan Brown

Managing Director Girl in Tech Australia

Susan is Head of Strategy and Consulting at Odecee. She is passionate about designing and developing innovative digital solutions for my customers. She has extensive experience in transformation projects, working primarily within government and Tier 1 enterprises. Her experience includes digital analytics. innovation consulting, digital portfolio development, customer relationship management, content management, and multi-touch technologies. Her role as Head of Strategy and Consulting is to lead the practice and develop consulting talent that aims to enable organisations to take advantage of the business benefits using digital initiatives across areas including process optimisation, new market exploration, customer intelligence, new products, innovation, collaboration and new customer channels.

Photo of Shayna Bryers

Shayna Bryers

Account Support Manager

Photo of Madeleine Budd

Madeleine Budd

Office Manager

Photo of Lucinda Burtt

Lucinda Burtt

Head of Product Design


Photo of Ren Butler

Ren Butler

Community Relations Manager

Ren is a community-driven polymath. She's well versed in 'outcome driven events' production/management/promotion with a strong background in facilitation. She presents on early stage startup education, diversity in tech and cross-cultural strategy as well as finds time to mentor and judge at hackathons frequently. She's great at bringing diverse groups together to create truly innovative outcomes and connect the resource dots to keep great ideas alive. Outside of BlueChilli Ren runs her own startup called The Whisky Social, volunteers with a few female founder groups, is on the advisory board of Girls in Tech Melbourne and is constantly learning something new.

Photo of Tammy Butow

Tammy Butow

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Manager

Tammy Butow is a Site Reliability Engineering Manager at Dropbox. She likes leading distributed teams, Go, databases and problem solving. She is an Australian living in San Francisco, where she runs @ladieswholinux after founding the group in New York. Tammy is a cofounder of Girl Geek Academy. Tammy greatly enjoys leading 24/7 distributed engineering teams focused on automation, performance tuning and reliability. Prior to leading teams, she worked as a Product Engineer (full-stack and mobile), Security Engineer and Infrastructure Engineer for several years after studying Computer Science. Tammy has worked with physical infrastructure for the past 10 years and has experience providing cloud infrastructure as a service. Tammy grew up and studied in Australia, she has been living and working in the USA for 2 years. Tammy built her first website when she was 12 and has been involved in building the web ever since. She has a passion for increasing the number of women building and deploying apps to the cloud, she co-founded Girl Geek Academy and Ladies Who Linux. She grew Girl Geek Dinners Melbourne from 300 female members in 2013 to over 1000 in 2014. Tammy ran Australia's first all-female hackathon in Melbourne, She Hacks:

Photo of Catherine Cafferty

Catherine Cafferty

Education Innovation Consultant

Catherine is currently working as a Co-Director of Literacy Achievement at The Partnership for Inner-City Education. Her mission is to develop outstanding Catholic elementary schools that provide low-income students with the academic preparation, values and skills they need to break the cycle of poverty and lead fulfilling, productive lives. This New Yorker is an outstanding when it comes to curriculum writing and preparation.

Photo of Tess Calopedos

Tess Calopedos

Management Consulting Analyst

Photo of Laine Campbell

Laine Campbell

DB Architect, Founder, Evangelist

17 years wrangling databases. First 8 years at Travelocity as first DBA, and eventually global DBA manager. Founded my consultancy, PalominoDB, which I ran for 8 years and built to 40 people before selling it. Author, O'Reilly Database Reliability Engineering. Regular presenter, interim CTO, advisor and educator.

Photo of Maria Caparon

Maria Caparon

Recruitment Consultant

Psychology background with a knack for charitable and community service ideas. I love techs related products like VR and have passion for fitness like bikini competitions

Photo of Sandra Carluccio

Sandra Carluccio

Program Officer

I am a live art maker and education program officer. I like to dabble with locative media tech and other things I can get my hands on.

Photo of Janet Carr

Janet Carr

Executive Producer, Good Game

Janet has had a long career in broadcasting – spanning two decades and including such diverse programs as Bananas in Pyjamas, GP, The Ferals, Lateline and Radio National Breakfast. In 2006 while making a show for the fledging (at the time) digital Channel ABC2 she proposed a show for ABC2 all about Video games. Good Game first went to air in Sept of that year. In 2010 she proposed a show for the new channel for kids – ABC3 – a version of Good Game that only features games rated G & PG. Spawn Point first went to air in 2010. In 2015, recognising the changing viewing habits and needs of gamers Janet and the GG team started Pocket – a daily show featuring Gaming news, let’s plays and live streams made for online audiences. That year also saw the launch of Well Played – a weekly show expressly about the rapidly growing world of e-sports. Janet was awarded the Women in Games Ambassador award in 2015 and the Pioneer Award in 2016. Janet was inducted as a Pillar of the Games Industry in the MCV Pacific Awards 2016. Good Game has won numerous awards over the years including this year’s award for the Best Video Program at the IT Journalism Awards.

Photo of Eris Castrogivanni

Eris Castrogivanni

Customer Success Engineer

Eris is a customer service engineer with Digital Ocean. Located in New York, Eris describes herself as a Tech nerd and a fan of the Rangers. Eris can be found on her blog, where she using her online voice to speak out about her tech industry experience and life as a transgender woman.

Amanda Cavalcanti

PhD Student in Interactive Media

Amanda is a PhD Student in Interactive Media at Engage Research Lab. She enjoys working on projects. Her recent studies included children and their behavior. She is a constant learner and always craves for some new knowledge she can incorporate in her professional and personal life.

Photo of B Cavello

B Cavello

Product Development & Community Director

A production development and community director based in Los Angeles, CA, B is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas. Though she has a bachelor's degree in economics, B's true passion lies with storytelling, and using her media production and writing skills to provide the highest quality of service to her clients. In her free time, B is an activist doing her part to make the world a better place to live in.

Joanne Chan

Program Manager, Retail Marketing

Photo of Lina Chan

Lina Chan


I'm a (mostly) self-taught Front-End Developer with an interest in community & education. Outside of work I help run Female Coders Lab, a study group for women of varied backgrounds and skill levels learning to code. I also volunteer as a facilitator for iCreate which is a series of workshops created and run by women in Technology at ANZ. I love the creative and transformative potential in tech, and connecting with others who share similar passions.

Photo of Melina Chan

Melina Chan


Melina Chan is a community organiser and leader with a passion for facilitating groups and individuals to do great things. In 2008 in Battambang, Cambodia, Melina co-founded the social enterprise Kinyei Organisation to generate and support innovative social projects including a vocational training espresso cafe (Kinyei Cafe) and cultural heritage bicycle tour This led to a vocational training cafe, Kinyei, which has trained two young baristas to take the Cambodian Barista Champion title two years running. Mel also co-founded Trampoline Day, a global ideas sharing cross-disciplinary unconference which is now in its seventh year. Now based back home in Melbourne, Melina currently works as the Community Liaison of coworking space Inspire9, home to some of Australia’s best and brightest tech startups. Kinyei Cafe and Soksabike are still going strong and recently have been recognised by the WTTC and WildAsia for their excellence in sustainable tourism and people development.

Photo of Queenie Chan

Queenie Chan

Digital portfolio delivery manager

Queenie is a Digital Portfolio Delivery Manager at ANZ Bank. She is an experienced Senior Manager and Portfolio Delivery manager with more than 12 years of IT consulting / delivery experience. She has predominantly worked in the Banking sector, with 2 years delivery in one of Australia’s largest Transformation Program in the Telecommunication industry. Her delivery experience spans across Australia, the UK and Asia for Digital (Web App & micro services), CRM, Lending Platform and BPM (Business Process Management) solutions. She is a seasoned Delivery Lead and Agile SAFe practitioner specialising in large-scale complex Program & Project Delivery across the SDLC and also in Production Support & Enhancement with a highly distributed model. She is an advocate and active driver of woman in IT and diversity initiatives across enterprise. Queenie is passionate in making ideas happen.

Steph Chan


I draw stuff good.

Photo of Yishan Chan

Yishan Chan

Manager, Process Improvement & Customer Advocacy

Freelance photographer for Girl Geek Academy

Shikha Chaudhary

Hardware Engineer

Having worked in the industry for over seven years, I've gained experience on post-silicon and pre-silicon validation and design of Microprocessors, SoCs and IPs on next generation cutting edge technology. I'm a certified Scrum Master and have also been part of leading organizational changes with new initiatives/processes such as Agile and currently chair the Scrum Masters work group. I'm collaborating between multiple geo sites and leading the Agile adoption in the org. I like to think out of the box and find innovative solutions to problems. I'm interested in process improvement, leadership and project management opportunities, where I could use my skills and experience effectively.

Photo of Kendra Cheesman

Kendra Cheesman

Recruitment Partner

Photo of Vivienne Chen

Vivienne Chen

Digital campaign manager

Photo of Aakanksha Chhikara

Aakanksha Chhikara

Business Development Manager

She is passionate about building technology products and pursuing opportunities for business. Skilled at facilitating multidisciplinary teams, she achieves goals within budgetary and other constraints. Her ability to reason critically, adopt a structured approach and communicate effectively helps her deliver outstanding results. She has an entrepreneurial spirit that is upbeat, adaptable and resourceful. She is a connector. She believes we can all help one another. Aakanksha enjoys meeting people and hearing their stories.

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