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Photo of Jessica Welsh

Jessica Welsh


I work as a designer for an online hospitality training company called Typsy. I also run my own side project business called Jessica Marree which is an online print shop selling fine art prints for your home. Jessica Marree is also available for commission- • Custom Wedding Stationery • Logo Design • Illustration • Textile and Surface Design

Photo of Kelly White

Kelly White

Project Manager

Kendall White

Marketing Coordinator

Kendall is a Marketing Coordinator at La Trobe University. She is a Melbourne based marketing fiend grappling with her competing love for salad and cheesecake. Over the years she has specialized her professional work into the field of marketing, marketing strategies and social media marketing. She is not only into the world of marketing but as well a leadership, advertising and management.

Photo of Danni Whittaker

Danni Whittaker

Territory Manager / Founder & Director

I specialise in cloud workflow software and print management solutions for my day job, and my sales career has spanned over 11 years. I am also the founder of Fit Meet a mobile app that connects people based on their sport and location to find training partners. I am passionate about encouraging people to become more active, and think by making fitness more fun and more social and linking people up with accountability partners for motivation it will help start to combat the global obesity epidemic. I promote living a balanced and active lifestyle; I used to be a chef, and a personal trainer and am a big fan of lifting weights as well as eating cake! I am also an advocate for women in tech, and I have a keen interest in innovation, health tech, and the start up scene in Brisbane and I am a member at Firestation 101.

Katherine Widomski Mohn


Photo of Katherine Widomski Mohn

Katherine Widomski Mohn


Ideas bounce in my head, life whirls all around. I love to be in the thick of it, to dive in head first.

Nikki Wilkins


Nikki is currently working as a Founder/Director of Nurture Nest and Babywearing Australia. Besides that she is a Certified Baby Carrying Consultant. For over 10 years, she has been helping parents in a variety of settings to strengthen their relationships with their children and to enjoy parenting as much as possible. When she had her first baby in 2010, it was then she was able to experience first hand the products she had spent many years researching, and she discovered that many of the challenges parents faced could be helped with one product - a baby carrier.

Photo of Jen Wilks

Jen Wilks


Jen works as a Director at CFOutsource. She has a diverse professional background spanning 26 years with extensive skills in project management, corporate finance and strategy. Jen has a solid grounding as a practicing Chartered Accountant, having worked with prestigious accounting firms and global banking and finance organisations has helped differentiate her own boutique corporate finance practice from others in the market. Her clients leverage her background and network to develop of their business strategies, enabling them to achieve their desired goals and growth aspirations. She believes in life long learning and thrives on change.

Photo of Garry Williams

Garry Williams

Partnerships/ Marketing/ BD/ Community

Photo of Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams

Freelancer and Consultant

Jess Williams has worked in both sales and marketing for over five years, helping grow some of Australia’s fastest growing companies including those on BRW's fast 100 list. Jess has a passion for entrepreneurship and created Entrepreneur Social Club last year, already one of Australia’s fastest growing and largest startup communities, attracting over 2,000 members in only 6 months. Jess has since successfully exited Entrepreneur Social Club (ESC), ESC is under new management and continues to support Melbournes Startup community. She has dedicated her career developing marketing and sales strategies that help startups, organisation's and sales professionals improve productivity and increase revenue. Jess mentors at Shesays Australia helping inspire women in Melbournes digital creative space to step up and advance their careers by sharing her experience, providing advice and offering support. The most important things in life for Jess are family, travel and business. Everything else is just sprinkles on top!

Photo of Rebekah Williams

Rebekah Williams

A person who loves Fandoms! Video games are life! Netflix and food is bae and YouTube is only browsing history!

Photo of Ruby Williams

Ruby Williams

Student Game Developer

Photo of Kimiko Wilson

Kimiko Wilson

Technical Consultant

Zoe Winther


Julia Wong

CS Student

If there is a definition of a successful young woman then Julia’s name would be there as an example. She started her professional development in her early years and by now she has an enormous CV and experience to back up her knowledge at any time. As a mentor she is developing not only on her field of studies but as a communicative and friendly person who is there not only to learn, but to teach and share her knowledge and experience.

Samantha Wong

Mobile Engineer

Photo of Kim Wood

Kim Wood

Coach and Consultant

Hi, I’m Kim Wood. I love a good cause and the chance to make a difference. I’ve had many opportunities to do this, including: - seven years as CEO of a Division of General Practice (a not for profit, primary health care organisation) - extensive community involvement, including local economic development (through LETS and Greville Street Common), permaculture, youth mentoring, and as secretary of Melbourne’s Chapel Street traders’ association - four years in youth mental health, heading the clinical services division of Australia’s leading youth mental health research organisation, establishing two new headspace services and expanding two existing headspace services in Melbourne’s north and west - founder of a retail business (bricks & mortar and online) built on strong ethical and sustainable principles -professional coach and consultant since 2008, working with health and community leaders and changemakers.

Photo of Fox Woods

Fox Woods

UX Consultant

Photo of Cassandra Wright

Cassandra Wright

Digital Media Worker

_xd83d__xdc4d_ B. Comms (Media) + Grad Cert. Marketing Graduate _xd83d__xdcbb_ Digital Marketing & Social Media Coordinator _xd83d__xdcfb_ Presenter on 3RRRFM's Byte Into It + Board Secretary of SYN Media

Photo of Anne Wu

Anne Wu

Risk Analyst

Photo of Michelle Xiao

Michelle Xiao

Business Analyst

Bonnie Xin


Angie Yannopoulos

IT Teacher & RoboCup Co-ordinator

Photo of Taylor Yates

Taylor Yates

/*Junior front-end web dev*/

Photo of Claudette Yazbek

Claudette Yazbek

Communications Manager

Claudette Yazbek is a lawyer and the Communications Manager for, LegalVision, a legal tech startup based in Sydney. She has worked in Adelaide, Washington D.C. and Kuala Lumpur. Claudette is an avid consumer of international and domestic politics, a coffee aficionado and a freelance writer. She is especially passionate about presenting complex concepts in an engaging and concise manner.

Photo of Cynthia Yeung

Cynthia Yeung


Cynthia started her career leading global partnerships and initiatives for various Google projects, including Street View, Ocean, Art Project, and Google[x]. She executed against broad business development responsibilities including: development of pitch decks, contract negotiations, financial modeling, and supervision of content sourcing team. In 2015, Cynthia was selected as one of 150 LGBT leaders in technology at a summit organized under the auspices of U.S. Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith. Selected as a project lead for a 20-person team to improve representation of underserved communities in entrepreneurship through outreach, mentorship, and improved access to funding. Cynthia is currently brushing up on Java and Python while designing a web app for managing personal relationships.

Unreasonable at Sea

In 2012, Cynthia led global partnerships for inaugural class of a startup accelerator based on a ship traveling to 13 countries. Accelerator was launched by the founder of the Stanford and sponsored by Microsoft, Nike Foundation, SAP, and Semester at Sea. Mentors included the Archbishop Desmond Tutu and former Google VP Megan Smith. Reported to CEO. Cynthia launched the accelerator brand globally by recruiting and directing high-performing local teams to design and host curated events at each port. She owned relationships and business development responsibilities with local investors, government officials, and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Cynthia is also a Travel Girl Geek

  • Led marketing, product partnerships and operations (26 employees and contractors globally) for an enterprise SaaS travel startup,
  • Reported to CEO (KAYAK founding team, Jetsetter founder).
  • Presented strategy to board of directors on quarterly basis as functional head.
  • Recognized as 35-under-35 in travel by Phocuswright, the leading industry conference.
  • Built platform through partnerships, marketing, and operations - accounting for 46% of total product engagement.

Victoria Young

Commercial Manager

Victoria is currently working as a Commercial Manager at Westpac. Her purpose is to drive the commercial value of the Westpac Group's strategic partnerships by strengthening partner relationships. Her job includes obtaining maximum commercial value from its strategic vendors, minimising risk when engaging vendors; and providing contract construction and finalisation services by liaising with appropriate stakeholders.

Photo of Jessica Yung

Jessica Yung

Data Manager

Photo of Deborah Zander

Deborah Zander

Office Administrator, QA Assistant

Photo of Zerafina Zara

Zerafina Zara

Communication for leadership and video presentation skills coach, Founder

My background is in the music industry, and I was even on MySpace, trying to create connections with my music (yes, that long ago.) I've been coaching nonverbal communication for leaders, and found a lot of work with people having video conference meetings. This has led to working more with video and small businesses, both in how they are coming across on video, and in how to empower themselves with as much know-how about the equipment for making video, and how to connect online with their video content. It's exciting to learn about the online world because it's always growing, and putting that together with how we connect on a human level makes that even more interesting. I recently worked with a startup who were pitching for $20k in funding, and it needed to be in a 3 minute video format. I helped them shape their story, their images and their content to connect emotionally through video (and I filmed it) which got them to the next round of in-person pitching. With my background in dance, voice (teaching rockstars and at universities) songwriting (which helps you write for the ear rather than the eye) and nonverbals, I'm fascinated by how we can bring connections we would have in person into the digital world, and be our most authentic self.

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