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Amanda Barrett

Co-Founder and at Big Gorilla AcademyBig Gorilla Academy
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Amanda has one goal and that is to prepare kids for the future.
This young(ish!) mum turned her back on the corporate world of business and marketing to make a difference in education. After seeing a massive need for kids to gain access to high quality, engaging programs in the areas of STEM and entrepreneurship, Big Gorilla Education was founded. Big Gorilla Academy is a company with a sole purpose of preparing kids for the future both academically and emotionally through courses designed by both teachers and industry professionals.


We want to raise the profile of women in technology and encourage more of you to speak, teach and be visible to the women on their way up. We need more role models and yes – you are one!

We invite you to become a member of Girl Geek Academy so we can say: “Here’s what Girl Geeks look like and here is what they do”.

For $99 we will:
– help you write your bio if you don’t already have one
– give you first access to our events, which usually sell out in 24 hours
– share with you the Girl Geek Academy personal brand kit

Help us reach 1000 women and let’s continue to create #SheHacks, #SheMakes and #SheMakes_Games and also help us launch new initiatives the Girl Geek way.

We have plenty more up our sleeve and we need your help to make it happen. If you’re up for helping us get to one million girl geeks become a member today!


Now you know what we’re all about, we want you on our team.
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