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Alaa Abdelwahed

Software Engineer

Alaa is a Software Engineer with more than six years of experience, and a recent expat to Australia. She is a self-described organized, analytical, reliable, highly motivated developer and team player who works hard to reach her goals of increasing value and creating high-quality solutions for her clients. Alaa is a true value to anyone she works with as she brings quick-learning skills and dedication to her team.

Sorcha Abel

Software developer

Sorcha currently works as a Software Developer at Herron Todd White. During her time in IT, she has been dedicated to developing an understanding of business principles to compliment the development of her technical and management skills. She has worked closely with a wide variety of business units and departments across many different organisations, including government, private companies and multi-nationals. On completion of her Degree she received a Deans Commendation and when employed by MBS she was voted 'Employee of the Year' by approximately 370 staff members and brokers. She is a dedicated employee and excel in a team environment.

Aylin Ahmet

Product Manager

Aylin Ahmet, a recent Australian expat to San Fransisco, is a Product manager in Silicon Valley who received her education from Victoria University. Always ready to take on a new challenge, Aylin's latest ventures include building ReadyRecipe and SocialMedLLC. She hopes that the products and experiences she creates will have positive impact worldwide.

Helen Ahrens


I'm the geotransient founder & Director of Good Things Marketing, who’s into helping good things grow through digital marketing & personal branding. I'm also passionate about young women succeeding in business. As a Speaker across Asia & Australia, I'm passionate about inspiring Leaders to change their worlds for good things.

Katharina Alf


I'm a young entrepreneur who loves all things digital marketing and help other business owners bring more leads into their business. I also love writing and have published 2 e-books covering social media and vegan lifestyle.

Marivi Almario


Nouf Almohitheef

Project Coordinator

Carmen Andoh

Infrastructure and Operations Engineer

SRE: snazzy rsync empress

Rebecca Andrews


Having worked in events, television and PR this Melbourne born-and-bred traveler decided to combine her love of writing, entertainment, events and love for her city, into one. And thus The Sprinkler was born. While 'entertaining the socialite in you but totally getting you have the attention span of a goldfish', this weekly email keeps 'kewl' local's up to date with the top picks of Melbourne's upcoming events. And it is funny. Very funny.

Annie Armenian

Digital Content Producer

Annie is a Junior Digital and Social Media Content Producer at Macquarie Radio Network in Sydney, where she has been working for more than three years. A graduate of the University of New South Wales, where she received a Bachelor of Science Arts, and majored in Psychology and Media, Culture and Technology, Annie honed her skills she learned at Vibewire as a Social Media Marketing Intern. In addition to talented, Annie is also intelligent, and is known to be proficient in three languages—English, French, and Armenian

Nadia Armstrong

Senior Consultant

Nadia is a Senior Consultant at The ADWEB Agency and Intranet DASHBOARD. She works and lives in Melbourne. Over the years she has mastered a lot of professional skills that put her in the top-notch in her job. Some of the skills she has obtained include intranet, project management and information architecture.

Maria Angelica Arteaga Jaime


Jasmin Ayles

Senior Consultant

Danya Azzopardi

UX Designer

Danya is a UX Designer working in Melbourne. She made her way from a communications background to UX, via a brief stint as a software engineer. Danya is an experienced hackathon participant and is passionate about encouraging diversity in the workplace and smashing the glass ceiling.

Belle B. Cooper

Co-founder, iOS developer

I'm a co-founder of Hello Code, a Melbourne-based startup. I handle marketing and iOS development.

Tara Banda

Content Marketing Manager

Claire Barratt

Digital Projects

Amanda Barrett

Co-Founder and at Big Gorilla Academy

Amanda has one goal and that is to prepare kids for the future. This young(ish!) mum turned her back on the corporate world of business and marketing to make a difference in education. After seeing a massive need for kids to gain access to high quality, engaging programs in the areas of STEM and entrepreneurship, Big Gorilla Education was founded. Big Gorilla Academy is a company with a sole purpose of preparing kids for the future both academically and emotionally through courses designed by both teachers and industry professionals.

Miellyn Barrows

Writer, Producer, General Creative Force

Writer/Producer/Dev, TV/Games/Podcasts/Print. Romance's BFF. Play my game ( Read my book ( Watch my TV (everywhere)

Courtney Beck

Creative Strategist

Courtney Beck identifies her career as a freelance creative strategist, but she's being humble. In reality, Courtney is also the creative mastermind behind Corky's And Cream, a fun career advice site that will make users of the site fearless of changing their careers and have an intense craving for mint chocolate chip ice cream; as well as Reasons to Date Courtney Beck, a blog she created at first to find a date that later turned into a love and relationship blog after finding love in an Italian paramour. Courtney is located in Sydney, but reaches the entire world with her blog and career advice site, and she once dreamed of becoming an archaeologist.

Jenine Beekhuyzen


Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen is one of Advance Queensland's Digital Champions, and the 2014 Australian Information Industries Association (AIIA) Queensland ICT Woman of the Year. Dr. Beekhuyzen is a well-known advocate for diversity in STEM. Her work as CEO of Adroit Research, and as the Founder & CEO of the Tech Girls Movement is based on more than a decade of internationally peer-reviewed research; she has more than 60 published peer reviewed papers. Dr. Beekhuyzen works closely with educators in schools and with innovators in the technology sector, and she is also the Queensland Authorised Trainer for QSR's NVivo software with more than 15 years of research experience. Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen is a social entrepreneur and academic, and an advocate for increasing the number of women in STEM. Dr. Beekhuyzen completed her Doctorate in Australia on unauthorised file sharing in 2010, and she has turned her research on gender into  practice by producing the illustrative children's books Tech Girls Are Superheroes (1 & 2) and Tech Girls are Chic! – free books which have received widespread success with 60 000 copies distributed to school girls across Australia; 20 000 of those were distributed in just 3 months in early 2016, with one book in every school in Australia (9966).

Sambo Bell


Skier, adventurer, student of life, experimenter, writer and guide. I promote top performance. I love encouraging people to look good online. I’m fascinated with freedom, self-productivity, tech, and business. I try out things related to these subjects and provide the best ones to professionals.

Sophie Benjamin

Engagement editor, Crikey

Much more than just the engagement editor for Australia's oldest and cheekiest online news publication, Sophie Benjamin is also the talented writer and musician who regularly blogs at her site, Sophie graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a degree in journalism. Before beginning her career with Crikey, Sophie honed her skills at Tourism Victoria, Southern Cross Austereo, APN, and ABC. In addition to writing, journalism, and music, Sophie has an enthusiastic love for border collies.

Alison Bennett

casual academic

Alison Bennett works in ‘expanded photography’ where the boundaries of photography have shifted in the transition to digital media and become diffused into ubiquitous computing. Bennett’s recent projects explored the creative potentials of augmented reality, stereophotogrammetry, 3D scanning, and virtual reality as encompassed by the medium and practice of photography. As a neuroqueer trans-media artist, Bennett’s work has explored the performance and technology of gender identity and considered the convergence of biological and digital skin as virtual prosthesis. Her work has generated international viral media attention more than once; been featured on ABC TV Australian Story, the New York Times, Mashable, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Motherboard, The Creators Project, KillScreen, ABC TV News, and The Guardian ‘best Australian photographs of 2015’. Virtual Drag included in the launch of 360 Vision, an online channel showcasing the best of Australian virtual reality content by Screen NSW, Screen Australia and ABC.

Meghan Betteridge

Account Executive

Meg’s specialises in events and account management. She is a talented writer who knows how to turn your announcements into informative and exciting pieces of news. Meg is an excellent networker and highly experienced in overseeing and running events. Her previous role as General Manager for Mana Bar honed her skills in community management and allowed her to become highly proficient in handling immediate and surrounding operational responsibilities, as well as customer service. She is currently taking a break from university studies, however continually aims to further her knowledge and insight into the Games and Information Technology industries. Her previous professions included several years in Security, both static and managerial, as well as the health industry with various certifications and two years of Registered Nursing studies, making her as caring as she is efficient.

Annabel Blake

Creative Stretegist

Annabel is working as a Creative Strategist at Google. After a career as a magician didn’t seem viable, her life turn took a dramatic turn. The years after school saw her follow the snow, where she was selected for the Australian freestyle ski team. During this time she also studied psychology and worked with children with developmental disorders. In the weeks before Sochi a crash sent her home, to passionately engage in her studies and in the year following investigate the tech world and instigate her own start up. This new and exhilarating path is still being explored, with recent successes in Pitch competitions and an invite to pitch at the NSW tech entrepreneur of the year awards. These days, she can be found rockclimbing, rollerblading and adventuring, with a pack of magic cards tucked into her back pocket, should the opportunity arise.

Belinda Boo

Consultant, Enterprise Digitisation

Jessica Box

Brand and Marketing Manager

Jessica is a digital marketing, branding and communications professional with an avid zest for learning and over 6.5 years industry experience. Aside from a love of fashion, dance, travel and all things foodie, she's hugely passionate about digital. By linking business strategies to results-driven digital outcomes, Jess has been able to grow audiences and brands. Social media management, strategic marketing, event management, website development and design most pique Jess' interest. She's a passionate writer with a creative flare, coming from a background in all things performance. She enjoys reading the paper daily, over a delicious coffee of course.

Tina Boyce

Technical Specialist

Tina is a web developer from Telstra who has been working in the industry for 6 years. Tina is passionate about women in IT and has been actively involved in this area since joining the industry. Tina is an avid foodie and gamer.

Beatriz Bravo


Bea is an emerging 2D artist extraordinaire based in Brisbane. She records super cute Let's Plays, is an absolute craft queen and rocks a new shade of awesome in her hair every time you see her.

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