• Glass Bottom Games

    Founded by: Megan Fox
    Startup Stage:
    • Crowdfunded
    • Bootstrapped
    • Services revenue

    We make weird, memorable games that ride the line between personally disruptive and “someone might actually want to buy this.”

  • Slingshot and Satchel

    Founded by: Megan Campbell
    Startup Stage: MVP

    Slingshot & Satchel is an Australian independent games studio made up of Perth couple Megan and Chris. The studio was founded in late 2015 out of a passion for adventuring and a belief that games are most fun played together. We wanted to work for a studio that made the read more

  • Weird Giraffe Games

    Founded by: Carla Kopp
    Startup Stage:
    • Launch
    • Crowdfunded

    Weird Giraffe Games is a card and board games company based in the Huntsville, AL area dedicated to creating games that are easy to learn and play, but layered with strategy. Our first game, Super Hack Override, is a fast-paced card swapping game for 2-6 players where you outsmart your opponents, 90’s hacker-movie read more

  • MELD Collaborative

    Founded by: Elizabeth Rainford
    Startup Stage: Seed

    Want to learn about 3D printing and the possibilities? Need to develop 3D printing businesses or applications with independent advice? Interested in collaboration to build additive manufacturing work spaces and workshops? Contact Elizabeth  – MELD Collaborative

  • Gizmo 3D Printers Pty Ltd

    Founded by: Michelle du Toit
    Startup Stage: Launch

    We are a Brisbane born startup that manufacture state of the art resin 3D printers suited to a multitude of industries for prototyping, design verification and testing. 3D printing can be a cost effective and efficient substitute to some traditional manufacturing methods, but it can also be extremely frustrating if read more

  • Refraction Media

    Founded by: Heather Catchpole and Karen Taylor
    Startup Stage: Bootstrapped

    Refraction Media is a media content agency filling the gap between STEM education and forging your own amazing creative career. We publish, and

  • Pixc

    Founded by: Holly Cardew
    Startup Stage:
    • Angel Investment
    • Accelerator participant

    Our mission at Pixc is to turn your product images into awesome ones, so you can increase your online sales. With the rise of online shopping, we’ve noticed that professional photos helps to highlight your products, make you stand out from your competitors and get your customers clicking ‘add to read more

  • TrademarkVision

    Founded by: Sandra Mau
    Startup Stage: SME

    Why? We believe we can revolutionise countless industries with image recognition Who are we? We’re a team of passionate, dynamic and driven specialists, committed to continuous learning and innovation. What do we do? We make it easier for trademark professionals find relevant trademark information from around the world, with our one-of-a-kind search solution.

  • Weirdly

    Founded by: Keren Phillips, Dale Clareburt (also Hayden Raw, Simon Martin)
    Startup Stage: Angel Investment

    Customised recruitment software that filters job applicants by cultural fit. Weirdly reduces time to hire and gets you to your top 20% applications instantly. Great for your employer brand too, we help you attract the top talent with a branded, fun candidate experience that’ll leave applicants with a positive impression read more

  • Weave

    Founded by: Susan Cowan
    Startup Stage: SME

    Content-focused digital agency.

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